What Is Your Gaming Style?

Keen and Graev have a link to the Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile which asks many multiple choice questions about how and why you play.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t resist those Facebook quizzes that reveal such daunting info as What Kind of Cheese you are, or What Starship Captain you would be.  I really thought I should get Janeway, but call me Picard.  I’m still feeling whiny because I never got Luke Skywalker in the old “Which Star Wars Character Are You?” quiz.  Clearly my head is never where it should be.

You will note in the Quantic survey what a cool, nearly Zen-like being I am.  As you suspected.

This Week in the Galaxy

Posting with ease from Firefox…tsk on IE and Google, tsk.

I’ve been pushing to advance my Ranger/Rifles person the cheep and ez way, just taking missions on Naboo that I can do without buffs.  10k for buffs is a lot, and blah blah I know they take 5k but…

I’m trying to camp after each lair, crafting some new traps, admiring the scenery, getting my bike out without the 15 second wait.  The camp xp is rolling in, man. (Not).  If I were buffed, I’d feel the timer ticking on those and wouldn’t feel as if I could take my time, scoot scoot to the next lair.  I notice in General chat they say 15 minutes in a camp gives you the max, but I’m too twitchy to sit and wait it out. I suppose I could crochet or read a book.  I’d rather do that on my comfy couch though.

Without actual levels in the game, I like to see what I can handle mission level wise without the buffs.  I can comfortably do 36-38s and I did some humbabas tonight that were 40, but they made me run for it and incapped me a couple of times.

I hadn’t planned to use a Merchant Tent, but suddenly I have one up.  I’ve had a few customers, including someone who paid 75k for a Trandoshan Poster.  I felt guilty pricing it like that, but there were only a few for sale in the Galaxy and they were like 400k. Cheep.

A new load of Dustbunnie Exploders Detonator Series (Swoop Bikes) is out, 2418 HP, very smooth running!  Everyone should pack a few.

I’m noticing Elite Profession Trainer Locations are erroneous on various sites, so I’m making a list from my Prima Guide and will post it when ready.

Ah, my first real box of Architect furnishings!  I am so familiar with the furniture that can be made and love many pieces so much.  I wanted to shout out Happiness Is Making Furniture!  Reserved individual that I am, I held it in.

From The Mary Sue: 23 Games from E3 2015 with Badass Playable Female Characters


Just as you, puny human, wish to be larger than life and gloriously badass, so do we of the female persuasion.   At the link is a list of great upcoming games which put us in those roles so we may dream the really big dreams.  

This is why we play.

A Peek at Pillars of Eternity

I chose a dwarf character, and the usual fighter type until I figure things out.  Such as taking screenshots. (F12)

I killed everything that came at me in the opening chapter but I really could use some combat tips. 

The Autopause that pauses the game I found pretty annoying, and really had to dig to get rid of it.

My Companion did nothing, and wouldn’t stay near me.  I tried taking control of her and getting her over by me.  She became an odd little floating head moving through the landscape, came over but still didn’t fight.

I’m wondering if I need to set up my “Formation” so she is a bit more helpful.

A couple of guys didn’t get looted because I was busy fighting with others, then the story flipped me to a new location.  Lost loot is a sad thing.

The story itself and its presentation is very enjoyable.  It feels like a great adventure already.

zzzzzz    on that wrong title  late night…..  Nothing to see here….

Now Downloading…Pillars of Eternity

Although it’s hard to get my head out of the Galaxy, I grabbed Pillars of Eternity from the Steam sale this morning .   I didn’t see anything else interesting there or on the GOG sale, thank heavens, since I was in the mood to BUY.

I like the snippets on my blog roll so you can see what the post is about and you get a feel for these sort of shifts in mood that seem to go through the blogosphere.

Not long ago, everyone was burned out and didn’t feel like playing. Now there is excitement for new things to come and for old things revisited.

As always, it is a good time to be a gamer.

Server Down

Basilisk, you heartbreaking doggie.  Down again.  Just when my architect was about to make her Big Move and go out and scrape up the Ore she needs to succeed.

In live server days, after World of Warcraft came out, there was much hostility towards “Wow Kiddies” who logged into Galaxies whenever Wow was down.

I think of that now when Basilisk is down and I go log into Wow.  A little Darkmoon Faire last week.  A treasure map for Nagrand today from my “Followers”.  Off to Nagrand again to finish up the achievements there.

I still love my Garrison. But I’d like to make it public. I’d like Vendors!  I would like to decorate the place to please myself.  I’d like some furniture and rugs for my room in the city hall.

I spent a bit of time this week (during another outage) in the Wailing Caves in EQ2’s Commonlands.  I have a quest to gather several things in the caves.  This time I didn’t go beyond the spike traps, but it has to be that what I need is there just beyond.

I keep thinking of my Secret World girl in front of that Illuminati door. 

Warehouse 13 Mall outside of Mos Espa, Tatooine

I would slip into Rift but they have that annoying Coin Lock thing if you don’t log in all of the time.

You’re thinking I should slip my Guild Wars 2 girl over the border into the next area and see what’s out there.


Maybe the server is back up.

If You Can’t Play, Write

There I was, smoothly handling a Kaadu lair when things went very wrong. Poof.  Logged and can’t get back into the Basilisk Emuland Server 😦    I guess if I can’t play, I can jot down a few notes here.

Much of my playtime has been keeping homes, factories and harvesters running.   I’ve also figured out (mostly) how to do the crafting macro that lets you go click click click to select resources then the magic macro makes an item for you and your xp bar slinks ever so slowly up.

My intended Ranger character has been avoiding the macro needed to fill the last two boxes of Scout, because macroing camps is boring (though they’re handy to actually use).  Today, I finally went Lesser Boll hunting on Dantooine to get enough Bone for 30000 points of xp (59 xp for each macroed camp..zzzzz….)

Once I had Scouting finished, I had so much general Scouting and Trapping Xp built up (that I couldn’t use till I got Master Scout) that I could train Novice Ranger right off with a box of Ranger level Trapping (I love a good trap) also filled in.  As you can see I’m close to yet another box, just need to go plink plink plink a few times.

I’m so glad to finally make progress.  I vow not to let any of the skill boxes here go unfilled till the last.  I shall methodically level them up.

My Merchant character Elsinor Dustbunnie finally macroed her way to Master Artisan.   I had the materials to make a run of Swoop Bikes which I thought would be pretty good because my materials were good. I used the best crafting tools available and bought the highest level Crafting Station I could buy.

Ta da!  A factory run of Dustbunnie Exploder Inferno Series 2390 HP  (A long name, I know) were produced and they sold briskly on the bazaar.  I only got a crate of 25.  I think in order to do a full run I needed 640000 Steel or Iron and 120000 Aluminum or Copper with the highest Shock Resistance I could get.  I certainly did not have that amount of material and my metals had a shock resistance in the 800s so…thus the name “Exploders”.

She will also be able to craft a variety of components usable by other professions including Architect and Droid Engineer.  I have not made the Paint Kits for vehicles yet because I haven’t all the materials, but those are fun as well.  Thanks to The Corpse for making those GP Electronics modules for me before I could!  I won’t have to bug her anymore 🙂

My Novice Architect filled a lower level box and I took something other than furnishings, which is what I really love.  I can make the infamous Gungan Head Statues which are worth 3000 xp each. However, they take a boatload of Ore and Gemstone and hmmpf I have neither in quantity.
I can make Merchant Tents, which are always a good seller.  I grumpily have to buy some subcomponents from a Tailor because my own is two torturous boxes from being able to make those for me.  And I have no Fiberplast or Inert Petro to grind with.

I’m picking up some really nice Fiberplast on Naboo, but it is too good to grind with.  I can’t resist the nice material spawns but I can’t make myself grind with them. 

A hunting I do go.

Star Wars Galaxies is in fact a perfect game (at the stage of its life being emulated).

 There are just a few things from current MMOs that I wish it had.

A hearthstone.  Where ever you go in the world, you have to make your way back along the ground (no whining about flight here!) to a Starport or Shuttleport that can transport you across the planet or the Galaxy.  Sometimes you just want to go poof and you’re home.

The ability to send money and items via the mail system.  I do appreciate that there are no mailboxes however. You can get and send your mail from anywhere anytime.

I can think of nothing else. Not bad.  Hope the servers are back up and my Kaadu are still there.