Game Hopping

Star Wars Galaxies

I’ve moved all of my crafting characters to Corellia (half were on Naboo just for a change of venue).  I’ve made some progress with my Chef.  The names of the foods and the variety of attributes they can affect is a blast.

My fighting characters feel like they’re treading water.  I’m thinking I need to get better weapons (a faster rifle!!!! agh!!!!) and just send them out there to grind that xp.

My plan to “listen” to General Chat to get to know the denizens of the Galaxy has resulted in me being grossed out this week, and I am not easy, I would have thought nearly impossible to offend.  Yo, people.  This has had me paying attention to Trade chat/General Chat in other games and the level of conversation isn’t to be rated “sparkling” anywhere.  I will just mention that my first night on Landroval, LOTRO RP Server extraordinaire, the long conversation was about farts.  Call me intrigued?   Back to ignoring Trade/General/World Chats for the most part.

Lord of the Rings Online

I am playing my new Landroval character a little each evening.  I’ve decided to use author Jack Vance’s character names for my Landroval characters.  It makes it all just that much more fun.

The day night cycle is really noticeable in this game, making explorations of goblin ruins just that bit more challenging.

Music in this game is the most beautiful anywhere, except Galaxies.  Just stunning music everywhere you go.

Guild Wars 2

I went ahead and grabbed Armorsmith (my character had been standing in front of the trainer, lo these many weeks/months.)  Despite picking up everything I’ve come across I had no tin and could make nothing.

One of her Warrior skills causes her to move and spin, must be careful when fighting near ledges.  I’ve decided to do every quest and exploration in the area before moving on.

World of Warcraft

I’m just doing Follower missions and Shipyard quests with my main character and am sending my Warlock out to work her way through Draenor.  I like my Mage second best of these characters but she just isn’t tough enough.  I wish they hadn’t taken Evocation away.

Pillars of Eternity

I started a new Ranger character.  She made it through the opening area a bit more gracefully than my original Warrior.  She is positioned with her companions in the Ruins of Cilant Lis.

Fallout 3

I headed to Super Duper Mart one day and the game froze up, oops. An omen.  I noticed that my Bat wielding combat was not effective against the creatures in open areas and I’ll have to use VATS and a pistol.  I have to be proficient at that before going in is excuse 101.

My plan was to do it yesterday afternoon while I was all fresh, but I got caught up making medium homes and Blap something or other with my Galaxies chef and nope.

2 thoughts on “Game Hopping

  1. There are some good, really sharp players, but they're not always around. There are still plenty of new and returning players coming in and it's a shame that they get the crudball crowd. I answer anything I can, but I'm not around all the time either.

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