World of Warcraft: Ye Alt Paradise

For awhile I was managing to play multiple MMOs of interest by picking a single character in each and just working on them, not messing with alts.

The problem with this is, particularly in a game you don’t know well, at some point with an early level character you can get stuck.  It might be right around level 20.  Suddenly, you can’t seem to move forward.

Sticking to the one character per game rule, you often end up not playing that game.  Maybe you pick it up later, maybe you never return.

Many games seem to limit you to just a few characters, sometimes only two.  In order to try out a different class which might make all the difference to your playing enjoyment, you have to kill someone off or buy a new character.  Why are you going to purchase a character you may not like any better?  Maybe it isn’t the class, it’s that the game isn’t for you.

Enter glorious World of Warcraft with eleven different classes, each with three different role specializations.  Fifty five character slots to play with.


People wonder why they keep being drawn back to play this game, and having that kind of variation and ability to try different roles and servers, and do every single thing the game offers (and it offers a lot) for the price of admission is a huge draw.

I have two main servers I play on, that’s twenty two characters I can return to and work on anytime.  With more opportunities for further adventures anytime I’d like.  I have a few classes who are played little:  Shaman, Monk, Warrior.   They’re always there, though, waiting their chance.  I don’t have to delete them to try something else.

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Ye Alt Paradise

  1. I love reinventing myself with new characters and starting areas and abilities. After playing other games, you really appreciate being able to play every class and profession the game offers. It is so much better having people you know in game to share adventures.

  2. Even back in the days before cross-realm this was a big reason why I and my close friends stayed in WoW for so many years. It was always possible to just create another character for a different starting experience or different take on group gameplay. I've been tempted to go crazy with alts in other, similar MMOs like LOTRO or EQ2 but then I didn't have the ready-made community in those games to make alt-play such a shared fun experience…

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