IntPiPoMo #9 Dynamite Jack (iOS)

My scheduled auto posts worked so well, but now I have to post for real.  My computer and I are still not on friendly terms this week, so the delights of my iPad game collection continue to thrill.

Dynamite Jack is a wee little stealth game.  You try to make a run to new parts of the map without really being able to see the way ahead.
Ruthless little bad guys with flashlights patrol the way ahead.  If you are caught in even a teeny bit of light, they gun you down.  
Sometimes it turns out there is a barrier you can blow through with your trusty Dynamite!  You set the fuse and run back before the kaboom!
There’s strategy and you need to be good at timing your moves.  Maybe at the very end you get to blow all of the annoying suckers up.  Go, Jack, go.

Drawing the path worked best for me.

This is your clue that you’ve died.

What do you think?

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