IntPiPoMo #13 Fallout 4

I like the opening story line this time around.

Character Creation:  I found it a bit odd to work with, with fewer choices.  The usual stubby grubby hair choices.  Do you watch Gotham?  Is this Jerome or what?

So many presets, so little time. For some reason they offer five or six EYELINER choices, as makeup.  Way to customize that face!

I actually like the little house so since we’re in screenie heaven, here’s the grand tour:

Laundry room

Sparkly kitchen. Not much in the fridge.

Cozy living room.

Snoozin’ room.  Zzzzzzzzz….

Baby’s room, love the rocket wallpaper.

My baby is SHAUN OF THE DEAD!!!!!  How “lifelike” he is!

What’s this? A creepy guy at the door for me?  Nosy, but he offers me a vault, and you know I love a good snuggly vault.  Yes, yes YES, I say.  Just in case.

Dept of Oops!  Next thing you know the guy on tv is all weepy because of nuclear strikes all over and the hub, Shaun of the Dead and I are boogying down the street towards our new vault.

Pretty as the poster above us, we rally at the checkpoint. It seems they dont want to let in Mr Slimy Salesman, but we bust right on in.

At this point I would have grabbed my baby Shaun of the Dead away from my spouse, that baby stays with his momma!

But no, down we go to see Vault 111, the scaggiest vault ever.

A new uniform which I somehow instantly put on, handed out by…she’s a Deadite, right?

Instead of seeing our new family chamber in the vault, we get decontaminated  (wink) to prepare to go to the next level down in the vault.

My spousal unit continues to be the one snuggling the baby.  Fork him over, I say.

They’re goooone and all I have is a giant roach.  Lots of giant roaches.  Ohhhooooooohhh.

On the plus side, the computers are working and there are GAMES!

Okay, if I come across a body, and I don’t care how long he’s been lying there, I want the body to have some loot on it.  These stoopid skellies had nada.

I like the new Pipboy Stats page.

My plan was to use the same points spread I had in Fallout 3 but there aren’t that many to spend.  So I went thus:

Strength   5
Perception 3
Endurance 5
Charisma 2
Intelligence 3
Agility 5
Luck 5

Working out well so far.  Hmm 23 tasty screenshots, yo ho.

What do you think?

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