IntPiPoMo #14 Game Notes

 Fallout 4

I’m having connectivity issues this week for some reason, but Fallout 4/Steam let me play in offline mode this time.

Tragically, the motion or something in Fallout 4 makes me queasy, so my play sessions will be short.  I just managed to look around the old neighborhood.  Louie the Looter, call me, I’m combing everyone’s house for everything I can pick up.  Now I don’t mind picking up anything I see that might be fun or useful, but grabbing old tv trays and lamps is going against the grain of my single person rpg training—-watch the weight of what you’re carrying.

I found a craft bench in a neighbors house, and looked at the craft interface, but it didn’t look as if there was currently anything I could make.  It is fun to see that I’ll be able to make furniture and decorations.

My character turned out ok,  (though note her hair is supposed to be “platinum blonde”……more like stuck it in a dirty bucket blonde) and she has this husky voice like she’s a smoker.    There’s something about her, though, she looks like she could have been a Mean Girl so very easily.  As always I choose the kindest dialogue options.  Somebody has to bring the Nice to the Apocalypse.

World of Warcraft

Now that I have my riding scorpion, earned by my so gallant rogue, I need to pick another mount to work towards.  The scorpion is such a smooth ride, you wouldn’t believe it.  It feels like it goes really fast too, just so unexpectedly pleasant to ride it through the world.  I think I can tolerate doing daily quests for reputation on just one character at a time.  Can’t decide quite what to go for.

In the meantime, working Talador with my Warlock who could be sent to Nagrand easily since she’s level 98 1/2      I find it annoying that she got so much of her xp doing Garrison stuff, so she has the level, but she isn’t nicely geared, hasn’t done all the dungeons and doesn’t have all of the followers she ought to have either.   Should I just toss her to the top and polish later?   I was hoping for Legion in March, but now that (yawn) it won’t come out till next summer at best, no hurry.

Warlock, Figure A “platinum blonde hair”.

What do you think?

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