IntPiPoMo #16 Fallout 4: Moving Parts Can Pack A Pinch Keep Your Finger Out!

I’m never going to get anywhere in this game looking at every inch of the world for loot and admiring the posters, rusted out cars, and odd vending machines.

Luckily I met up with Dog tonight.  Such a sweet puppy.  Almost immediately there was a Mole Rat Invasion, which we took care of with ease.  Good dog.

I now love mole rats!  In addition to tasty meat, they carry bottle caps and other goodies.  Talk to me, rat buddies.

My lockpicking skills are the best they’ve ever been.  It must be the awesome way I spread out my Special stats.  I also save before I try and reload if I fail.  Even so, I am known for going through every lockpick and bobby pin I own to try to open a simple lock.  Not today.

A short but successful session.  I did fail at two things, allowing my Weenie Ways to overtake me:

There was a light out in the swamps behind the house. On an island nearby I could see something hopping around.  Did I cruise on out there and check it out? No. Later, I said, after I check out Concord, I said.

There’s a cave under the gas station according to a handy and somehow working terminal.  I found the entrance but did not go in, though I love love LOVE caves, so I say.  Weenie.  I will overcome it and the swamp monsters tomorrow.

What do you think?

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