Adventuring Weekly Roundup

When I had a WordPress game blog, amidst all of the “improve your SEO” spam, someone told me they hated my weekly roundup icon.  It was a lasso and said weekly roundup.  Somehow it torked this person off.  Wah wah.  Gloriously, here’s a shiny non-lasso icon for weeks when I do a roundup of fascinating activities.

World of Warcraft

I’m closing in on Draenor Pathfinder, I really am.  I just need the Reputations and the Assault-ons and see me swoop in and around the Tanaan Jungle.

I have a level 3 Shipyard, I’m not so impressed so far, but we shall see. 

Working a mage and a rogue towards 100.

Sending my Warlock into the jungle.  Gack, she’s so undergeared she’s getting smooshed painfully.

Guild Wars 2

Something clicked, and I think it was working finally on crafting–and I’m now leveling all four of my characters through the world and am trying to get the finer points of the game.

I’m finding working on a build to be a bit confusing.   I can tell I’m not building wisely but am too twitchy to try to figure it out.  Maybe later when I’m Ms. Insta-dead I’ll look it all up.

There was a skill box glowing/throbbing for attention but the interface wouldn’t let me add a skill.  Grrr.

Inventory management is so annoying.  I have all these bogus boosts and gifts and weaponry clogging my inventory.  Merchants won’t buy used/looted weapons and stuff from me.  They don’t even see it.  So I’m in a fight and my inventory is full and I have to use up a bunch of boosts and just toss things that I should be able to vendor trash for coinage but inexplicably no.

I do like the fact that everyone can gather every resource type and it is in a shared storage.

Not liking that bank inventory space is 28 slots shared by all  for all non crafting things and you have to buy more space with real monies.

Although she looks creepy, my Sylvari Ranger is now a favorite class/character.  Plink plink and they’re dead.

What do you think?

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