Ode To My Rift Warrior’s Armor

Don’t you wonder sometimes what they’re thinking when they design armor sets?  I suspect they’re just being cheeky some days.  I found myself singing this song:

My Cheeks Are Out,

My Cheeks Are Ouuuut,

I Just Gotta Shout,

Cause My Cheeks Are Out

I’m Feelin’ A Breeze,

Oh Couldn’t I Please,

Have Armor That Goes

At Least To My Knees,

My Cheeks Are Ouuuuut.

The Wow Invasions

I didn’t jump in on the invasions right off, but I’m glad I finally tried them.  They’re just great, action packed, tons of people taking down monstrosities left and right.  It has the right feel for this sort of public event. Very dynamic, quick and exciting.  I’d like to see more of this sort of event in the world.  I don’t know how they could be woven into the storyline of the world, but they’re so well done , more more more, I say.

I’ve sent a level 100 and a level 94 druid in.  The level 100 had an easy time whereas the 94 isn’t well geared and you know, dead.

My Frost Mage has some oomf to her for the first time in ages.  She can actually fight effectively and contribute.  Even with her longtime troubles, she’s my second favorite character, though not class.

My poor level 74 Priest.  She’s always been a Discipline Priest.  What an awful time of it she had.  I actually switched her to Holy, a spec I’ve never played, because as a Discipline Priest I didn’t feel that she could heal at all.  Honestly, her healing skills as Holy (and I used Icy Veins for this character since I had no idea on Holy Talents or rotations) seemed sort of weak too.  The environment isn’t the best, since targeting a player to find someone who needs heals in the utter chaos is hard.  Then you get someone but they run off to the next mob out of range.

My Fury Warrior doesn’t seem to have lost many skills, if any.  She was easy to play and I got her so close to level 85 and she’s off to Pandaria.  She had the bad luck in the fight to target a red person who turned out to be a Horde meister.  Oops, flagged pvp. 

I’ve lined up my warlock, paladin and rogue in Westfall so I can try them out.  It is working out so well to send them to these invasions to try out the new talent choices and rotations.  I’m not even so concerned with leveling anyone, I can do that anytime.  The environment is perfect for getting a look at how the classes play now.  I’m pretty excited to see comes next.

Rift: Now I’m Happy

When Rift first came out, my PC at the time couldn’t handle it. Everything was an ugly mass of green.  By the time they went free to play, I had a much better PC and I thought to start to play it and really enjoy the game this time.

I was limited to the two characters per server, even though I had the original box and the code, you name it, everything but the same email address.  They would not acknowledge my game, and the email they wanted had been hacked and shut down by me.

Although I’ve played over time, I always want to be able to do all the crafts and try all of the classes.  All on one server.  It would get to me every time after playing for a bit.  It reached a point where I was willing to buy the character slots outright, but somehow that option didn’t seem to be available.

Until recently, just before going on vacation a package was offered that would give my dreamy 6 slots.  I went for it without thinking twice.  Ahhhhh, at last.

Tonight I made a Warrior to go with my long time Mage and Cleric. 

She’s picked up Mining, Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing.  The other two have Foraging and Butchering which are recommended to go with AS and WS and they have a boatload of materials to hand over.  Happiness is being able to make use of all of your stuff!

She’s level 9 and working on the fishing quests.  I love fishing in Rift.  There are a huge variety of fish species, which are useful in Survival (Cooking).  You can also fish up treasures for your house. 

I’m torn between letting her just kick back and enjoy crafting and fishing her way along through the world and sending her on a wild run of Instant Adventures.

Maybe, since I have three more slots!!!!   I will create a new character to just do the Instant Adventures and Dungeons.

By the way, I got a ton of other things with the package I bought.  A new dimension with inside and outside areas that is great.  It appears my other two existing characters got the whole package of things too.

Dimensional, crafting and adventure bliss coming in the days ahead.  🙂


This week of nicely scheduled play didn’t go as planned.  I only managed to play World of Warcraft a couple of times and make some progress in LOTRO.

There were big updates for WOW, LOTRO, and Guild Wars 2. 

I bought the Heart of Thorns expansion on sale before leaving on vacation.  3/4 of the way through the installation last night a big red flag of a notification box appeared onscreen.  YOW!  Out of hard Drive space.

Ouch.  I had recently cleared a bunch of space so I could install Elder Scrolls Online.  This week’s updates ate all of the remaining bits of space.  

My spouse acquired a second terabyte drive for me awhile ago, but couldn’t get it to fit in the pc. He’s been pondering who he could bring it to for installation who wouldn’t be all crazy expensive.

Today I’ll need to try to clear off enough space to be functional.  Hmmpf.

Demon Hunter Day

My new Demon Hunter made it through the beginning experience pretty quickly tonight.  The area was crammed.  I played one in beta through level 110, but didn’t feel too interested in the reputation slog after reaching the max.

The many movement options for this class make it so much fun to play.  They mow through everything in their path, and when you put a bunch of them together, nothing stands for long.

Despite the fact that “everyone hates Draenor and garrisons”, blah blah blah, there were a ton of Demon Hunters in Tanaan heading for Draenor and their own snuggly spot in the world, something they won’t have in any way in the Broken Isles.

My Demon Hunter has the same cold mask as my other elves, but her flaming yellow/green eyes sort of warm things up.  I think.

Play Schedule

I’ve been on vacation for a week in the wilds with no Internet and often no phone service, so I’m playing a bit of post catch up.

Often I wish I had a good way of getting a little time in on the games I enjoy, and I’ve considered doing a particular game on a particular night but didn’t try it.  Freshly returned to civilization, I made up a list and have done two days in a row by it!  Can I go a whole week?

Monday       Rift
Tuesday       Elder Scrolls
Wednesday  Guild Wars 2
Thursday     EQ2
Friday         Galaxies
Saturday     World of Warcraft
Sunday        Lord of the Rings Online

It’s sort of an embarrassment of riches that there are currently games to be played every day of the week.   There are also Secret World, Black Desert, Neverwinter and Wildstar which don’t fit in.   I tend to go in with some goal of the evening, whether it be crafting or dungeons or trying to finish a zone or level a character.  If I achieve my goal of the night and am twitchy, I can always spend a little time in one of the others too.

World of Warcraft: Pieface Again

Since the recent update, my characters can’t escape the new appearances, even by unchecking them in System, so they look like they have a cold metallic mask instead of a face.

Weeping Angels anyone?

My other characters all have helmets stuck on their heads and I have to go to a transmogrifying npc in Stormwind to get an appearance that doesn’t show the helmet.   I know what lies beneath them from past updates, so maybe I should just leave the helmets on so I don’t have to see my character’s ruined little faces.

Massively did an article recently asking how much your character’s appearance matters.  http://massivelyop.com/2016/08/05/the-daily-grind-how-much-does-your-mmorpg-characters-appearance-matter-to-your-gameplay/

The answer is quite a bit.   I don’t feel much like playing these little strangers.