Where I Left Them

My plans to rotate each day between games fell by the wayside somewhere along the line, as these things do.  Checking in with them made me want to play each a bit, so perhaps I’ll get my game rotation back.

Reasons You May (Temporarily) abandon a character:

You get stuck with a character and aren’t sure what you want to do next.

Your character is beginning an area you know all too well and sort of dread, and you say, hmm tomorrow.

One of the games just becomes so very interesting all of a sudden, you just want to play it a bit more, and a bit more, and other games and characters don’t get the play time.

It never does happen to me that I don’t want to play anything at all.  There’s always something!

Elder Scrolls Online

I hadn’t been playing as regularly, but I wanted to peek in to try the winter festival.  How odd, not a single decoration in sight anywhere.  Hmmpf.  I decided to just go ahead and play a little and do my next quest.  Running through the world, admiring the scenery and the music, my character froze in her steps and my Anti-virus program popped up.  It’s like 1 am so I sleepily said ok to the anti-virus.
BOOM.  It uninstalled a bunch of files, apparently, and I had to go in an tinker and then reinstall the program.  The servers were down when I last tried to log in.

The Secret World

I left my character just at the start of Innsmouth Academy.  I patched it today and sent her out into the hallowed halls.  I needed to get the combat down pat again before truly venturing out.  Lots of zombie students hanging around.  They all work in packs of 5, annoying to me, since I often prefer to pull one at a time.  Not here you don’t.  I went through a building called The Old Block and picked up quite a few Illuminati artifacts which I haven’t been able to use yet.  I’m using an odd combination of Magic and Pistols.  My inventory is about to run over, and I don’t know if there’s a place nearby to sell things.

World Of Warcraft

Currently up in the character rotation here is my level 82 Shadow Priest.  Hate what they’ve done with the class, no heals and no real dps moves either.  More lil’ worgen.  I’ll find a way.  She’s just gotten to Aviana’s Roost in Hyjal.  Went into Blackrock Dungeon with her just trying to scoot along level wise.  I thought she was doing pretty well compared to a couple from the same server who kept getting lost and dying.  But noo, they booted my poor Priest right before the last boss for not doing enough dps.  Argh.

Lord of The Rings Online

My level 49 Loremaster is working through the quests in Eregion, just outside the gates of Moria.  I love Moria so much and will be interested to see how they changed it since I last went through.  The only criticism I ever had of Moria was that there were too many Goblin camps.  One or two would have done it.  Moria is or was astonishing.  I feel as I did the first time through, I like Eregion, but really, I just want to get into Moria.  Did I mention I love Moria?


My Wizard is still in the Commonlands.  I boosted her to 90 on a day when they were generously offering free boosts.  There is a separate post on character Boosts in the works, but should I just keep questing with her overpowered for this area self, because it is still all new to me, or should I move her forward to a level appropriate area and send a different character through these lower level lands?


My main character here was my Mage, but when I bought Star fall Prophecy I boosted my Druid/Cleric.  Maybe it was a mistake as she was a character who took a long time to kill things, I’ll have to see if she’s a better fighter now.  When you boost a Rift character they choose skills and weapons and Soul Tree choices for you.  We’ll see.

Guild Wars 2

My main here is a Hunter, and you guessed it, when I bought Heart of Thorns I got a boost opportunity, and thought I’d like to do the Elementalist, but maybe not.  These guys brilliantly let you try out the boost on any or all of your characters in a higher level “practice area” before committing to the boost.  Unless a timer was on the process, I can try all four characters.   I had a tough time with this Salamander so, maybe yikes.

8 thoughts on “Where I Left Them

  1. Awww, you make me blush now, Atherne! I totally understand what you mean by gear centric (in my opinion gear is more a necessary evil than anything else – and I've been called a “fake progression raider” for expressing that on a podcast xD) and banging your head against a wall with a raid boss… I definitely know what that feels like. Definitely frustrating, and not what one might be looking for in an already stressful life. So it makes a lot of sense to just explore! Unfortunately for me, the social and challenging gameplay aspects are what makes me hooked on an MMO, so I spend less time exploring than you. But if that would be what I do, I would probably have all these alts scattered among MMOs as well, just like you.

  2. Ravenel, it's a pleasure to read your posts because you write so well and knowledgeably about the games you play. You know the worlds and their communities. You raid and do all of the top level end game activities. You're sort of the ideal player.
    Somewhere along the line, I became resistant somewhat to reaching end game, and I'm happiest leveling, I think. The more alts to work on the better, the more worlds to explore, the happier I am.
    I've only let myself be gear centric for awhile in World of Warcraft. While it was fun to have a really powerful character, I didn't raid. While I like the cooperative play of dungeons, when I read about the length of time it takes to take down a single raid boss, it just doesn't sound like fun, it sounds like banging your head against a wall to me. Can't do it!

  3. I'm like Armathyx, I stick to a couple of MMOs at most. I do like to try different ones out, but I can only actively play one or two at most.

    I do like to play every class available, though, but I then pick one to three that I like most to do endgame with. It usually costs too much time to gear them all up.

  4. I think you're right, I'll send my Wizard ahead and let her be challenged. I'll make my way to those docks. I have four other characters who can progress through the rest of the world. It's such a different thing getting a character boosted through levels and areas you done many times, as I have done in World of Warcraft, and doing so through a world you've just begun to explore.

  5. I feel that I know the game better if I can play every class available. I learned early on not to just play one MMO, the more the better, so I am never bored or too invested in a world that could be gone tomorrow.

  6. I love Commonlands. I've leveled so many characters there. I think it would be painful to chrono down all the way from 90 to do it though. I'd save that for either a level-appropriate character or someone mentored down from not too far above, say 10 or 20 levels.

    At 90 you have most of the game to choose from if you Chrono. You could happily start at the dock in kylong Plains, mentored to, say, 65 or 70 and then work through the whole of Kunark. Or you could Chrono to 75 or 80 and do Moors of Ykesha. There are literally dozens of possibilities.

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