Everquest 2: Off To The Kylong Plains

In the comments for a previous post, EQ Grandmaster Bhagpuss of Inventory Full recommended:

At 90 you have most of the game to choose from if you Chrono. You could happily start at the dock in kylong Plains, mentored to, say, 65 or 70 and then work through the whole of Kunark. Or you could Chrono to 75 or 80 and do Moors of Ykesha. There are literally dozens of possibilities.

I decided I would leave the Commonlands and travel to the Kylong Plains to see what the game is like at the top.  One of the problems with boosting a low level character in a game you don’t know is that you have no clue where anything is in the world or how to get there.  

Map of Norrath

There I am on the world map but I don’t see the Kylong Plains.   On Ten Ton Hammer I found  “The Kylong Plains Docks are accessible from the Antonica and Commonlands docks via boat.

Checking the Commonlands Map, I don’t see anything along the coastlines I can identify as a docks.  There’s a “guild bell” listed, which doesn’t sound right, but I head for it anyway since it isn’t far from my location.

Luckily this was just the place. 

And, yes, there was a boat to the Kylong Plains.

I’m excited to have arrived, but I have much to do before I can head out for new adventures.

I have only one toolbar row, and I’m certain I need to put the higher level skills on the new toolbar set.  I need to Google how to add toolbars, then how to get skills onto the toolbars.  You can’t just drag them over and replace what’s there.  You have to empty the slot, then move a higher skill onto it.  I’ve got quite a few new skills and advanced versions of the few I had at level 20.

I’ll need to read all of the descriptions and set them up in the most useful pattern/rotation I can figure out.

My bags runneth over.  If I have some nice higher level gear I need to equip it, and sell the old stuff.  I need to dump quite a bit out of my inventory one way or another before moving on.

I better look up Bhagpusses phrase Chrono.  I was thinking before I headed out the area would auto level me down to the area like Guild Wars 2 and Wow’s Broken Isles do, but unlikely. 

Still, I made it to Dreg’s Landing, Kylong Plains, and Adventure beckons once I sort things out.

7 thoughts on “Everquest 2: Off To The Kylong Plains

  1. Yes, you need to be subscribed for unlimited access. They sell some type of broker token on the station cash store. Not sure how they work since I never used one.

  2. Thanks! I'll try the claim command to see if more goodies await, after clearing some bag space! My characters are all on Antonia Bayle. That is so nice of you to offer help. Buying bags is high on my list, since I can't pass by anything you can pick up or harvest in the game as I go by.

  3. Don't forget to type in “/claim” There might be a few items that the devs give you to get started. And yes, big bags will help out a lot.

    What server are you on? If you are on Halls of Fate, I can help you out with gear and bags.

  4. Thank you for all of the information and links. These will help me greatly. I chose the Plains area because it seemed a much larger area to explore than the other you had recommended. Off I go!

  5. Hehe! Sorry for the jargon. It's so easy to forget what's clear and what's just a gibbering sound.

    “Chrono” is short for Chronomentoring, named after the Chronomage NPCs in every starting city, who give daily and quests and allow you to adjust your level to any 5 level span from 20 up. It costs a small amount of status but you can think of it as essentially a free service. The Freeport Chronomages are at the seaward side of the big open barnlike structure in East Freeport and the Qeynos ones are just in from the dock in what used to be Qeynos Harbor.

    The wiki has the locations of all of them and full details of EQ2's mentoring options : http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Mentoring .

    I kind of recommended Kunark because its huge, has absolutely massive quest chains and will be very easy mentored down from 90. The xp should fly, especially in dungeons, all of which should be soloable. The downside is that none of the vast amount of gear you'll get will be any use to you. MJ Guthrie at Massively OP did a kind of guide for Heroic 85s (when 85 was the highest you could jump to) but I don't think it's all that helpful.


    I tend just to refer to EQ2i's soloing timeline guide


    or the dungeon one (soloing dungeons mentored down is very good xp and fun when the dungeons are new to you, I think. Less so for the umpteenth time)


    For just exploring outdoors there's the zones by level list


    If you want to get gear that actually upgrades the stuff that comes with the free level 90, though, I think you will have to go to Withered Lands in Velious and work up from there. Also the one thing I would suggest is investing in the biggest bags/boxes you can afford on the auction house – you're going to get a LOT of drops in Kunark!

    Looking forward to hearing how your adventures go.

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