Everquest 2: Kung Foo Kitty

Logging in this morning I noticed you can purchase characters right from the character select screen for 1000 DB (Daybreak Cash?).   Somehow I happened to have that exactly!!!!   Plink!

One of the classes I was considering when looking through what is available was the Fighter Class Monk.   Voila!   Kung Foo Kitty is born!  She’s so cute, I love the Kerra race.  You should see her making those martial arts moves.  So adorable.

Now I don’t need to kill off the Evil Wizard (who is all mooshy on the inside).

I now have a Kerra Ranger, A Halfling Warden, a High Elf Fury, A Ratonga Conjuror, a Kerra Monk, and a Ratonga Wizard.

So far I’m liking the fighting abilities of the Warden and Fury best, but we’ll see if that changes as the characters gain levels.

You can go home again, you can start all shiny and new again in any game.

I Also Killed Off…

My Secret World character who was stuck at the door on Solomon’s Island.  I tried everything to get her unstuck.  Now she is all new and shiny and can try again.   I’m liking this ruthlessness.

I now have three new characters here, plus a fourth coming with the advent of Secret World Legends.   Pretty good!

Everquest 2: The Fall of Evil

Once again I find I’m not likely to play characters of an Evil persuasion.  My characters have all been of an Evil alignment in EQ2 for awhile.  Except for my level 95 boosted Wizard, I found I just wasn’t playing them.  Neriak, The City of Hate (and it’s Hateful Citizenry) in particular would make me feel terrible whenever I visited, and my home was there.  Eek.

I’ve been thinking I might like the game more if I played characters with an alignment to Good.  My plan was to go ahead and buy five character slots that could be Good characters.  I looked all through the shop and did not see where you could simply purchase character slots.  Why don’t games let you buy character slots?   Character slots and expansions are the two things I find I’d always be willing to pay real coinage for, yet many games seem to want to deny me my Alt-itis.

Plan B, Kill off a couple of Evil sorts and make new Good alignment characters.  It made me so happy to be playing these, that I killed off two more, and now I have 4 to the Good and 1 to the bad.  I might kill off the boosted character as well to get that juicy extra slot.

I seem to have gone with Mages and Healers.   Everyone’s off the boat and on the Isle of Refuge.  I’m going to try to keep them at the same level with my ace character rotation techniques.  How easy it is to get a fresh start in a game if you just poof the characters you don’t really enjoy playing.  

Old Lotro Notes: Moria

I watched MJ of MassivelyOp’s LOTRO Pajama Party stream the other day, and somehow, in this particular context, her voice seemed familiar from the game’s beta.  There is no other game I can think of where I’ve actually used Voice Chat, but it was ubiquitous in LOTRO (though I’m not finding it to be so playing now).  In general, I find Voice immersion breaking, but in instances where you’re coordinating group play, it can be useful.

I went looking though my old game notebooks to see if I had commented on any people (because I’m always inwardly observing and noting how people are, in game and out).   Good little tester that I was, my notes were completely focused on the game, classes, and environments.

My Initial Moria Notes:

I’ve been in the Mines for the better part of a week.  Gaining entrance was not easy and some members of the Expedition were lost at the Hollin Gate.  Their loss continues to resonate through the dwarven community as they strive to gain footholds in Moria.

As I make my way through the dark passageways, and through halls of stern splendor in Moria, I see why the dwarves risk so much to reclaim it.  I have never seen such grand architecture, from soaring bridges to monolithic faces carved into stone everywhere.

Unfortunately, the beauty is marred by the dark presence of every evil creature of Middle Earth.  Some familiar foes roam the corridors, and other bent, twisted things appear as you attempt to push forward.

Myndariel’s Middle Earth: The Champion 1-20

A new Lord of the Rings Online guide to early levels of the Champion is up at Myndariel’s Middle Earth.


I’ve managed to get my Champion character to level 30.  Reading the guide is super helpful though.  One of the things that I’ve had trouble with looking at my LOTRO characters since I’ve returned is picking a Specialization for my class.

I’m reading the descriptions, of course, but it feels to me as if they split up what the characters used to be able to do into these three groups that all have desirable skills, and I want them all.  

In the case of my Champion, it appears I’ve been choosing from the red Berserker specialization.   Reading Myndariel’s description of how the three specializations play out, the yellow Deadly Storm really is best suited to the way I play.  I’ll happily switch!