PlayNotes Issue 6: Guild Wars 2

My main character here is a level 35 Sylvari Ranger.  Somehow, though I’ve tried to progress logically from one area to the next, she was in a level 20 area, the Brisban Wildlands.  I needed to find my way to a level 35 area, and play from there.

I looked at the larger world map and just did not see a clear route from where I was to where I should go.  Here’s another game where I just don’t know the world well. 

This led me to wander from one area to the next, examining the creatures as I went to see if I had found a place to stay.   23, 26, 28, 20, 23…   I’ll find it eventually, though I wish the world were laid out more logically.

There are few worlds more beautiful than Tyria.  Whoever their artists are, they do spectacular work.  If Exploration is a draw for you in a world, you can’t go wrong wandering  in this game.

An Airship
A Garden Estate
In the Land Of the Undead
By the Lake
On the Open Road
A lively tavern full of conversation and clinking glasses

A Wondrous Windmill
A vendor in the middle of nowhere.  He’s big, he’s snuggly, and I want to take him home.  Look at that bandolier, with three big pockets up front and a big pack on his back.

4 thoughts on “PlayNotes Issue 6: Guild Wars 2

  1. I always find bag space a problem too, and had to pause a couple of times to sell stuff. I do love the ability to toss crafting materials in your shared bank as a way to gain a few slots, but you always get more as loot even if you can resist actual nodes.

  2. This is a game I need to get back into playing. The lack of bag space really put a crimp on the game for me at the time, so I need to address that deficiency and press onward.

  3. Fields of Ruin was one of the places I found listed that was level 30-40. I was trying to make my way across the landscape towards that area or Aescalon (?) which was said to have portals to varying points in the world. Much like my experience earlier in the week with Moria, it seemed I kept running into walls or mountains. Portals along the roads seem to always go somewhere unexpected. I'm just trying to level my chosen main character in a level appropriate area. I confess I didn't care for the Personal Story, particularly because it kept making me go back to a Sylvari city which is both circular in design and multileveled. I've developed a keen dislike of circular cities, they are annoying to navigate.

  4. I think it's best to think of the map as a buffet rather than a set menu. It's impossible for any race to progress from 1-80 by strict zone to zone progression within its own territory. The territories aren't held in a way to permit it. The Charr in Ascalon come close but unless you take the suicide run from Eastern Plains of Ashford (1-15) through Blazeridge Steppes (40-50) to Fields of Ruin (30-40) you can't see a logical path after Diessa tops out at 25.

    I did that and blogged about it when the game was new. I didn't realize that what you're supposed to do is go to Divinity's Reach and use the Asura Gate there to Ebonhawk. This is not illogical or random – it ties in directly to the post-war settlement between the Humans and the Charr and has enormous political significance.

    All the separated areas of each race have similar lore/political/historical reasons for being the way they are. If you leave that out of the equation then it shouldn't really be relevant whether or not you stay in your own racial lands so as a Sylvari you could just pick the levels you need and use Lion's Arch and the Racial Home cities as staging points to go wherever the level seems right.

    Also, if you follow the Personal Storyline, it pretty much moves you around Tyria to an appropriate level map every ten levels or so, I think. Not that I ever did it that way.

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