PlayNotes: Rift and EQ2


And it’s Rift day!  I didn’t feel like dealing with The Guy On The Stairs, so I did the classic thing:  I jumped down from the area starting platform to the area below and started fighting things.

I’m pretty sure this is where my character would have come out if I’d done the more frustrating route:

Heading left, I soon found myself in my new favorite thing, a Dead End.   I fought my way through rhinos and demons to get there, dang it.  Changing course,  I kept getting further away from my quest goal, which was always above me, with no way to go up.

Luckily Staypoofed and I are serene creatures who can take a moment to contemplate our ill luck:

I’ve been in this area numerous times via Instant Adventures, but of course you’re just on the run constantly trying to get your quest goals and you get no real sense of the layout of the area.   Try try again next time.

Everquest 2

The two games I’ve been playing most are WOW and EQ2.  In EQ I have all but my Froglok Bruiser off the starter island.    I thought it was time to send my main character, my Fury, out adventuring.

Somehow tonight she got from level 11 to 18.

She spent the entire time in wolf form.  It isn’t one of those shape changing classes that has the use of different skills in another form.  The only difference I can see is when you hit the skill to start a ranged attack, she barks at the opponent.

Oddities in games continue.  As it turns out I’m having connection problems once again, so that explains a few things that have happened.  As I came out of Qeynos though tonight, there was this big floating wall of text, and there wasn’t anyone fighting anything, and I wasn’t fighting anything but there it was:

It’s hard to describe the charm of Everquest 2.  I like the world, the quests, even the lovely drawings on the loading screens.  I was carefully picking up every quest I could see, and there are many.  I was thinking tonight if you are a quest lover, this is a great game to play.

I haven’t selected crafts yet for my characters.  I always want characters who can make potions, bags and furniture, three essentials for adventurers everywhere.   Sometimes certain crafts go well with certain classes, but I can’t tell if that’s the case here yet or not.  I’m reading guides before I commit to anything, but I’m filling my bags with materials just in case.

4 thoughts on “PlayNotes: Rift and EQ2

  1. I've been looking at those two sites, and picked out the crafts I wanted to do for sure, and my six characters don't quite cover them all.
    What happens if I haven't even chosen a craft by level 20? I just found the person who starts you on crafting quests in Queynos last night. Should I stop leveling the Fury till she catches up in crafts or can you do that anytime?
    I did find you could start crafting on the Isle but my character got stuck in the crafting area, and I ended up porting her out to Qeynos at level 2. I killed her off and restarted her because I knew everything outside the gates was level six minimum ( though you can go to Frostfang and get level 3 mobs…) These things only happen to me.

  2. I do enjoy the quests, and I'm that person who can never pass one by. I don't think it's quite the word I want, but there is a “courtly” flavor to the quests and the world itself. So many needing the help of an adventurer. Last night, for the first time in all my gaming years, I had a quest to Kill 10 Rats. Classic stuff!

  3. Oh, and on crafting…Potions is Alchemist and Furniture is Carpenter but Carpenter can also make Boxes, which are functionally identical to Bags, which are made by Tailors. Zam has a handy chart at is by far the best resource but it can be confusing in the level of detail it provides.

    Once you hit 20 on any character you have to specialize so you'll need to have several Alts but it doesn't sound as though that's going to be a problem!

  4. One of the strangest things about EQ2 is that, after well over a decade and more than a dozen expansions, just about all the quests read and feel as though they were written by the same person. The house style is astonishingly consistent, probably more so than any other MMO I've played.

    That means that if you like questing in EQ2 you have literally years of enjoyment ahead of you – on the other hand if you don't like the quests at the low end, well, it's not going to get any better…

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