On The Road

Greetings from the Road!  We’ve been traveling for about a week.

I loaded my laptop with World of Warcraft, Everquest 2 and Rift.  WOW and EQ2 looked great, but Rift, a beautiful game, looked sort of scrubby so I took it off.  As expected, connections on the road aren’t fast, but I did manage to log into EQ2 and kill a few things.  Laggy but doable.
In case that happened, I was horrified at the idea of having no gaming time in the evenings, because I usually play every night. Loading some games from my Steam library seemed a solution if the MMOs weren’t playable, reasoning I only needed to download them before leaving home, then any internet connection would be fine for playing.
After driving 8-9 hours a day, we’re pretty tired by the time we find a spot.  So nothing yet.   Dept of overkill, we also brought Scrabble, Yahtzee, Uno and regular playing cards for some simple mindless relaxing play.  Unrelated to games, I brought several books and some crochet, because I have a horror of being bored.  Yes, we brought clothes too.

Edit:  Good connection tonite, World of Warcraft played fine. ^-^

Happy gaming in your snuggly high speed internet homes!