Vote For The 2017 Golden Joystick Awards

From Gamesradar and HP, you’ve a chance to weigh in on a selection of games.  Awards are given out at a live ceremony November 17th in London.

I used to vote on these every year, they’ll ask for your email and give you a free ebook, plus will notify you next year when the awards open up for voting again.

Even if you haven’t played the nominated games, you’ll have ideas for new things to play.

Golden Joystick Awards 2017

Wildstar’s Free 50 Frenzy

Wildstar is offering a limited time level 50 character beginning “after the November 1st update”.   I don’t usually appreciate level boosts because I haven’t any idea how to play the character.  In this case, having that character will give me housing access.

I’m such a fool, I saw this notification on Facebook, but didn’t take the time to read the dates, then logged in and created a new character, but it’s too early and no boost.

It was my last character slot, and I really liked the new character’s looks and name, so I’ll need to kill off someone else to get the boost.  Alas, for some poor doomed alt.  Isn’t she so sweet?

All the details here.

Blizzcon: World of Warcraft Gets Back In the Game

I thought last year’s Blizzcon schedule really shorted World of Warcraft and showed they weren’t so interested in it anymore.  I think this followed a series of dev departures and promotion of Overwatch and e-sports in my mind.  You hate to think the people making a game you love are bored by it, and don’t want to give it any promotion or thought.

2016 BlizzCon via MMO Champion

When this year’s schedule was announced, it felt like WOW was back in the game.  Even though there are only two more panels, there are others that would be of interest to anyone– the Designcraft, Codecraft and Soundcraft panels–I’ve always loved that sort of “here’s how we built the game” information.  I like know how things look to developers, and how they think.

I wonder if there was some cross thinking (I’m sure I read at one point there was some competition between WOW and Overwatch devs) and the Brawls and Mythic Dungeon Tournaments weren’t inspired by finding a way for the PVE player to play more competitively.  I’m all in favor of that.  There must be many more ways to allow play in groups, and to make competition and cooperation more fun.

Although Legion isn’t a favorite expansion, Blizzard has kept the updates and content coming as they said they would.  That involvement lets an older game evolve and change as it should.