Busy, busy December!   I need to play more, but there’s no time.   Here are my interesting bits for the month so far:

I Love You Bethesda!   Not only are they celebrating the Single Player Game, they made a video honoring that player.  With Lynda Carter!!!!!   Agghhh!  Via Gamespot.

Sea of Thieves has a release date.   March 20, 2018.   I wish I’d played more Pirate games over the years.  I love Pirates!  Sea of Thieves looks great.  I should make this My Pirate Game.
From the clip:

Ramming the ship!  I can’t steer in any racing game ever made, but damn, I bet I could ram a ship!  How good does your aim have to be?

Female Pirate!  Look at those outfit changes, yo ho.


The Game Awards

Another awards set.  I’m not familiar with the man behind it or the awards themselves, but I’m going to use them as a jumping off point to a more interesting 2018.

My takeaways are that these look interesting:

What Remains of Edith Finch
Monument Valley 2
Old Man’s Journey
Hmmpf, maybe I should look at Destiny 2.


I’ve liked what I’ve read about it.  It sounds a bit impossible to beat, but that happens a lot if you’re me.  The gameplay and graphics look incredible.  I should Try and Die.

A New Tomb Raider

While I’m behind on completion of the Tomb Raider games, I’m always eager for a new one.  The article postulates that a new game could be released when the new Tomb Raider film comes out in March.

Elder Scrolls Online

I managed to log in and get the snake pet, and brought my character back to her home base to empty that inventory.  There were of course problems along the way, and I have completely forgotten how to play my Warden.  Yikes.

2 thoughts on “Gamebits

  1. I’m super glad Bethesda is holding the line on single player games. Nobody makes them better.
    Steam can be so irresistible but, in a way it’s like DVRing shows you’re going to watch “when you get a chance”. You know they’re there, no hurry. Maybe a good 2018 game goal would be to make a dent in my Steam library. Luckily it isn’t huge, compared to most ( I’m pretty sure).

  2. That's a great video that Bethesda came up with. The only thing that would have made it even better would have been a cameo by Sarah Mclachlan cradling a copy of Skyrim.

    As for Tomb Raider, I picked up the reboot the other week when Steam had it on sale for $5, and I'm seriously impressed so far. (I also have to, you know, actually finish one of these games that I purchase, but that's another issue.)

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