New In Our Board Game Pile

I love playing board games.  For the last year or so I’ve been looking for board and card games that can be played by two players.  Spousemeister and I used to play board games like fiends.  Now, around Christmas/New Years and till the snow melts, it’s a good time to play.

We haven’t tried any but Dominion yet, but it was really cool, and I could see for the first time the appeal of a deck building game–I think it’s accurate to call it that.


Mysterium  Supposedly “Clue for Adults”

Quiddler   I love Word games.   My husband, who is the Math Guy around here likes Word games where he can drag out his unabridged dictionary to find fiendish words to defeat the enemy (me, the Word person).

Jaipur   Somehow you simulate a bazaar and mercantile trades.  Came up like mad for two players.

Kill Doctor Lucky   (I think my husband doesn’t appreciate this title much, but I love mysteries and it seems to have that element.)   “A family board game of cold-blooded murder!”  What’s not to like?

4 thoughts on “New In Our Board Game Pile

  1. I’m not familiar with Mystery of the Abbey, but I do like the games we have from Days of Wonder. Sounds intriguing.
    I thought Dominion was interesting because we each have particular strengths that we brought to the game that helped the other develop strategies.

  2. I think we’ll play Mysterium this weekend. Competitive being that he is, my husband has come to like cooperative games, and really enjoy them to. We both have plenty of imagination, so this should be great. I read through the manual and like the backstory.

  3. I wonder if Mysterium is similar to Mystery of the Abbey (by Days of Wonder), which I like to describe as “Clue on Steroids”. It also has the theme of Name of the Rose on it, which is bonus points for me.

    I keep hearing that I should be playing Dominion, but I've never taken the plunge.

  4. We are loving Mysterium. A cooperative boardless Cluedo with imagination as a major component. Plus unlike most board games its actually just as fun to play 2 player as 3+!

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