Legion Dungeons in (My) Nutshell

Happiness is…questing while queued for dungeons.   Late in the game I’ve discovered I really like pretty much all of the Legion Dungeons.  A lot.   As soon as I bring up a character, I queue them right up.

I’m only missing Cathedral of Eternal Night, which my druid could get but never comes up as random.  Seat of the Triumvirate  which I’d need to slog further into Argus to get.

One morning, swilling my coffee, small summations of all the Legion dungeons popped into my head.  I wrote them down, or they’d be floating around in the brainless nether with all my other posts.  Not dungeon reviews, no, sort free association.   There are just a few screenshots, but I’m usually trying to keep moving and stay alive so, no time for picture taking.

Darkheart Thicket     What’s with the keyhole???

Vault of the Wardens      F*$%@!^   elevators!

Eye of Azshara     Hate you, Serpentix

The Arcway    Time’s up!

Blackrook Hold     Boulders!   Stairs!

Court of Stars    Kill the spy, please.

Halls of Valor     A Noble Thing.

Neltharion’s Lair     Wheeee!!! Water Rides!!!

Upper Return to Karazhan      Alice in Wonderland in Space

Lower Return to Karazhan     A Night At The Opera

Maw of Souls    Quick and watery, yo ho.

Violet Hold     Trapped in a box and bored.

2 thoughts on “Legion Dungeons in (My) Nutshell

  1. I remember reading about Return to Karazhan when it came out, but hadn't paid much attention. They are fantastic, particularly Upper.
    Last night running my Demon Hunter through Darkheart with a really bad tank who didn't know the place…I see now that the keyhole provides a less deadly route.
    People seem to be improving in the Court of Stars finding the spy. I like the extra activations too.
    Violet Hold! It could at least drop some loot, or do something to make it more interesting. I like Millie whenever she comes up though.

  2. Some of the areas are for mini-bosses when the dungeon has a World Quest. You may be at one such area, but I don't recognize the location so I could be wrong.

    The worst mob in Eye of Azshara is the seagull. If attacked they can disorient you forcing you to drop aggro on everything else. Some of my craziest times have been in Mythic+s when the tank is trying to pull big (to get the kill count and help beat the timer) and picks up a single seagull. Hairy times, indeed.

    Ah Kara, my favorite dungeon. Blizzard got everything right when they brought it back. The 'crazy funhouse' aspect is just fantastic.

    Court of Stars is nice in that professions are somewhat useful. If you have the right objects you can activate them to pull the one boss's assistants.

    Violet Hold is a nice callback to Wrath, but I do wish there was at least one or two fewer waves between bosses. As a retread it needs to be a bit faster. The big fun things is if you get Millhouse's wife as a boss and then use the Millhouse toy from Warlords. She gets very angry and you get a chance at one of the dungeon achievements.

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