Death Knight: From Puny to Powerful

Behold my favorite Death Knight.   She went yesterday from getting just pounded in Draenor (the only character I’ve had who at level 100 could not beat the ratty guy with the shipyard plans at the Iron Docks.  Could not survive the fight.

I’ve been working on her now and then and could not get her item level up.  I made her what I could.  I had my money bags Druid look for armor for her on the auction house—nothing!   So painful even at level 100 working through Gorgrond, ack.

She got the invite to the Legion series of scenarios at level 98, I think, but I knew no way.  Still puny, for some reason yesterday I sent her to do the scenario at the Broken Shore, which I was sure would be a deathfest.  She never died once.  Whoo hoo, four other people in the scenario.

Some improvements in armor, and why not try the Death Knight artifact weapon quest.   She’ll just die and crawl back to Draenor.   No, she lived!  It was the easiest of the class sets I’ve done.  Also, very cool.  I think it was in Ice Crown Citadel, someplace I’ve never been before.  There were timed sprays of stuff.  It was a bit like a puzzle.

The Order Hall, meh just Archerus: The Ebon Hold.   It makes sense, but it could have looked cooler, been jazzed up a bit.

Off to Azsuna.  No problems.  From low 500s ilevel to 643, just need to do a few quests and she’ll be in the dungeons and sailing along.

By the way, at nights end, I went to my Garrison, flew to the Iron Docks,  and beat that little ship (builder). 

What do you think?

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