Battle for Azeroth Character Copy

I’m a fish. I wasn’t going to copy a character to beta, but of course I sent Atherne my druid right in as soon as it was available.   I hadn’t any response on the Mage’s guild request, so what the heck.

They made quite a few changes to the opening sequences.  Going to Silithus even briefly, is just annoying.

Then while being rowed to Boralus, the Fatigue meter popped up.  The rowers were going awfully slow but, yow.   I couldn’t believe it, but it ran out and I died.  I swam out to where I died and died again before too long.  My clever plan was to keep swimming and dying ever closer to shore.  Nope.  Each death reset my character way back out to the original death point.   I gave up and took the shot of resurrection sickness.   How bizarre.   Bug reported all, of course.

I love the city of Boralus, it’s the best city they’ve ever done.  Just so cool and sprawling.   I wish they’d let us have homes there.

I followed the path my poor Mage had just done.  It was simpler for my copied Druid, but she certainly isn’t as powerful as the live Atherne.

Did two dungeons, interestingly, I’ve been thinking dungeons were way too easy, but ha, not with my copy.   Fights took way longer, there were wipes.

Lots of angry talk in Stormwind Trade Chat.  I think mostly about the stat squish.  You get lots of armor right away from quests, and if you’re running dungeons you get good upgrades there too.   The Azerite additions to your heart of Azeroth and armor pieces seem to come pretty swiftly too.  I think it will be alright.  It always is.

What do you think?

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