The Little Hero That Could

In yet another bold move to get my characters to the Broken Isles I sent my Warrior at an undergeared level 98 through the introductory scenarios for the Broken Isles (getting a ring and weapon that moved her iLevel up a notch). 

Then off she went to do her Warrior scenario.  It went surprisingly well.  For the first time, an npc commented that she was smaller than expected, but by scenario’s end she was being called “Little Hero.”    I love gnomes.  Finally someone appreciates how those tiny little characters have big big hearts and heroic souls.

The Warrior Order Hall is called Skyhold, but, good grief, it’s the Halls of Valor!  It even has Odyn sitting around in his big chair.

Then there’s the Flight Master who sends you basically down a hole, and you come flying down out of the sky to land at Krasus’ land with an earth shattering BOOM.   Why have I never noticed anyone flying down out of the sky there before?

So she’s ilevel 629 after doing the introductory things, getting her artifact and knocking out an easy couple of Aszuna quests.   She had a much easier time than my Death Knight level 101 ilevel 653 doing the same series of things.  I don’t see how that works.

Still, I dreamed about “the little hero” most of last night.

What do you think?

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