Updating Game Files…Secret World Legends

To make sure I have plenty to write about in Blaugust I’m updating my game files for most of what I have installed MMO wise.  Ah, there’s some good stuff out there I haven’t played in quite awhile.

One was Secret World Legends, and I noticed right up on the front page they let you know you can play “TSW Classic” anytime just by clicking on their handy link.

With all the endless drama game companies put into just letting you play the game as it was, this seems very generous.

3 thoughts on “Updating Game Files…Secret World Legends

  1. Interesting news, especially considering how badly they tried to kill the original game when SWL launched while not breaking the promise to not shut it down.

    And on “not overly complex”: Using the regular launcher of TSW once SWL launched automatically replaced TSW with SWL. Thus anybody who did not inform himself about that in advance had his TSW installation replaced, without any questions asked.

    Only if you already knew about that before trying to start TWS again, you were able to prevent this. You had to never touch the old patcher/launcher, but start another file from the TSW folder. Although this just started the client, but failed to connect.

    To be able to actually still connect to the servers, you had to replace a configuration file. As the file contained info specific to your account, you had to either download it from the TSW account page, or modify it by hand. Not too many people knew how to do that by hand, so the account page it was. Of course, the login from the TSW page didn't exist any more, it always took you to the SWL account. The workaround was to go to the Anarchy Online page, log in there, then switch over to TSW.

    It very much explains why good old TSW was empty the very first day. For most players the whole thing very much was an “arcane workaround”. If you didn't know about it beforehand, your TSW installation was gone, replaced by SWL.

    Anyway, FC can send me mail if they plan to support old TSW again. I'd be more than eager to play that one. For SWL, I wrote essays of feedback during the beta forum, to leave it behind on the second day after launch.

    I just found it not to be enjoyable, so it was better to move on.

  2. It did seem overly complex, originally. If you had several advanced characters, of course you’d want to revisit them. Maybe it will become more common as games age to make the original version available.

  3. It's good that they've solved that, when the game re-launched as SWL it was a real pain to keep your TSW install as it overwrote it with the new game without an easy option to avoid it – a friend did follow the arcane workarounds that appeared soon after online, but it wasn't even and he's a techie. Glad to hear they've made it easier to re-visit old characters once in a while…

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