World of Warcraft: Darkshore

I’m sending all of my characters who are eligible through the quests in Darkshore, and am taking the great opportunity to boost item levels.

I’ve decided to send the weaker characters through everything first so they don’t get left behind, or remain the weaker characters.   My little Rogue is now at 186.  Ta da.

The rest are in Astranaar.  All those wisps are dead elves.  There are hundreds going through here.

The World Quests have not only made my characters be better equipped to move onward, a very special thing happened for my Druid.  One of the World Quests had a Greatstaff reward.  It said it was for Balance specialization.  

 Why have it for a specialization?

Because…I can use staves…

And I went for it with my Feral Druid, singing “set me free why don’t you babe” as I did the quest.
Magic!  That’s my kitty!

There’s a World Quest called Spiritual Aid.  One of the things you do is free Wisps by clicking on them.

My Gnome and Dwarf had some trouble with this, as a fair few were out of reach of these tiny folks.  My Gnome had to climb on a column to reach one.  I thought, why did they make it so it would be above the heads of some of my characters.  Then I recalled, Elves, Worgen and Draenai are the races usually going through this area of the world, and no problems for them.  Remember the little people!

3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Darkshore

  1. I can understand that. It was an all or nothing system. I'm in the opposite camp for most of my characters. I could usually find an appearance that I liked. The druid forms (Guardian and Feral) definitely reinvigorated my enjoyment of playing my druid. I just wish I could have both forms available with each spec, but since the appearances are tied to the weapon… :/

  2. As my husband would say, Good Eye! I didn't notice the agility. It's ok for for now, she has plenty. Most important was getting that awful cat form off. My Assassination Rogue only saw two that were for Outlaw weapons, both swords. That was the other night though and I didn't have a chance to try last night. I have to say, once I started shedding my artifact weapons, I did it for everyone who could get one, because there was always much to dislike about them.

  3. The reason that the staff is for Balance is that it has no agility on it. Just intellect when you are in balance spec. I had the same issue for my Enhancement shaman. I thought I would be able to upgrade her weapons, but no, there were two world quests for Int only fist weapons. -.-

    It's really annoying since many other weapons will switch primary stat based on your spec. I have no idea why they made these so bad. It's not like we would keep them that long when we started leveling. :/

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