Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Blogroll

Once again I’ve updated my blogroll to get all of the Blaugust participants on it so I can enjoy everyone’s posts.  

I used TAGD’s handy post with all the links to make sure I got them.  https://tagn.wordpress.com/2018/07/26/a-blaugust-to-revive-blogging/

Although I like Blogger’s blogroll best because you can include “snippets” of the latest post, sometimes it won’t accept feeds, and sometimes it doesn’t update blogs though there are recent posts.  So, scroll all the way down to check for posts.  I pulled most blogs off that hadn’t posted in say, 5 months, but not all.  If something says a year, that’s just a problematic feed.

Not all the blogs are Blaugust blogs, they’re just ones I’ve found of interest.  Check with the biggies, aka the Mentors for exclusively Blaugusty lists.

5 thoughts on “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Blogroll

  1. And, regarding Feedly, it's fine for just reading posts, but on a mobile device it hasn't very good search and organization features. Most of my browsing is on my iPad. The blogs I took off which hadn't posted in 5 months or more I noted and will add to Feedly. Many good blogs have come via the NBI, and I only take those off after the event if they stop writing.

  2. You can have multiple blog rolls in Blogger. I’m thinking the limit on each list is still 144 blogs. Just start a new one and off you go. I was looking at Ravalation’s list this morning (though on WordPress) and she has some listed in The Graveyard. I’m not sure if she’s just linking to good content or is hoping they’ll come back. Some named list like that though, where you can still check for updates easily without a Feedly.

  3. I was thinking about this. For every previous NBI I've added all the participants to my blog roll. The last two NBIs I also added the year and that's still on there. My blog roll, however, is now insanely long. It descends past my current post and my previous post, not ending until well into the post before that. And my posts are long!

    I could cull the blog roll and remove all the blogs that haven't posted for over a year, which would halve the length, but there are a lot of bloggers in there that I'd want to know if they ever started blogging again. I could move those onto Feedly I guess, so I'd get the alert that way…

    Going to think about it some more. I wonder if Blogger allows for multiple blog rolls on the same blog…

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