Monthly Wrapup

It was a good month for games.  I played Battle for Azeroth, and really love this expansion.   It may be the best yet.   All my higher level characters are playing really well.   It’s taking each one long enough to work their way through Freehold in Tiragarde so that I can queue for dungeons.

 I’ve gotten Freehold, Waycrest Manor and Shrine of the Storm with various characters.  Freehold is smoothest, with everyone getting lost in Waycrest Manor, and dying at the Ritualists and  Lord Stormsong in Shrine of the Storm.   Tanks and Healers are a bit cranky.

Everquest 2 was played a bit almost everyday.  In a stressful month, I was thinking of it as “my happy place”.  Now that’s a good thing for a game to be.

I’ve played my newly minted Mystic the most, and she’s at level 17.  She also has 7 gold, which is way more than my level 17 Fury has.   I’m almost thinking you get more looted money and things to sell in the Frostfang Sea area.

My Fury is not getting any money as loot, it’s gross stuff like Canine Saliva.  She’s in the Qeynos/Antonica area.  I just like the little ching ching sound of gold.   Also, it feels as if there is better bank and vendor access in the Frostfang area.  For sure, there are more rugs to be had in Frostfang.   I wonder if they kind of loaded it up when they went Free To Play.

There’s still a little Bruiser Froglock on the Isle of Refuge.  I wonder if I send her to Kelethin if she’s likely to get some new and unusual furniture 🙂

I enjoyed my Steam games and plan to go back in and work on those.  My son recommended the Witcher to me and I have all three of the games.  He’s generally right about what games and classes I’d enjoy playing.

Loved Broken Age.

Curious to see the plot play out in Dear Esther.  

The Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is pretty funny, in I’m sure an unintended way, as it is so serious in tone.

I logged in to Rift a couple of times, and am set to send my Cleric out adventuring.

It took forever to get ESO to update, but I’m now able to log in and see which character I want to play.

Looking at my GW2 Hunter for a post or two, I think I may back up and try her Personal Story.


Middle Earth Wisdom’s Lord Of The Rings Online 30 Day Challenge Part 3

11.  Picture of your choice.   I’m having a terrible time with this one.  I even tried to track down some older screenshots from the 2007 era.  Poofed.   Here’s my Loremaster and her scraggly pal.

12.   Favorite Quest So Far.    It’s been a long time, but the quest right outside the gates of Moria, that finally open up Moria, that I loved.  

13.  Which Faction were you absolutely keen to get kindred status with?      I just don’t pay attention to faction or reputation, except World of Warcraft has beat me into Rep grinding submission.  These questions are serving as a guide to my looking deeper into the game, and someday I’ll be able to answer them.

14. Best Server to Play On.    Meneldor!  Oops, but gone.  Landroval is pretty nice.

15.   Raiding kinship or social kinship?     Something right in between.   People to do group content with, who are friendly, humorous and kind, is the ideal.

Blaugust Wrapup

I’m writing and scheduling all my posts for the rest of the week on Monday the 27th.  Ahh… then it is all wrapped up!   This one is appearing on Thursday the 30th, because I have my LOTRO 30 Day Challenge tidily scheduled for Friday.  And done!


My favorite thing about the month has been finding new blogs to read.   There are lots of great viewpoints and ideas out there.


At the end of June, I had 24 posts for the year on this blog.  Getting warmed up for Blaugust daily writing in July got me 21 July posts!  Definitely in the swing of things.   With this week’s posts I’ll be at 38 for August, which easily meets my post a day goals.   83 total for the blog for the year!  I will easily meet my 100 posts for the year on this blog, way earlier than I usually try to make up for lost time.

The only post idea I think I’ll carry forward will be an occasional screenshot Saturday, as a nice way to sum up a week.

My Post Ideas Calendar

I had many ideas plotted out in advance, then found I’d rather write something else, or maybe I just didn’t have anything I wanted to say on the topic.  Most posts were written the night before and scheduled.   Some I did in advance.  It is nice to have those posts all written up and waiting for their scheduled appearance.  This is something I’ll enjoy the rest of this week, because they’re all written and scheduled.

Five Most Popular Posts, with the most popular at the top:

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My Own Favorite Five, in no particular order:

So Many Post Ideas: Five Questions and Answers (3 posts)
Try It Tuesdays (particularly the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell one)
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All the post ideas…..

Would I do it again next August?

Though it was a good challenge, summer is way too busy and 31 days seems like such a looong month.

3 Minutes To Midnight

Via Adventure Gamers   a trailer for a 2019 point and click Adventure Game called 3 Minutes To Midnight.

It has a forties cartoony style that reminds me somewhat of the recent game Cuphead. 

“A comedy adventure with a sprawling story and colorful cast. Betty Anderson can’t remember who she is, but she has bigger worries – like a doomsday plot threatening to wipe out the human race. Join Betty to crack the conspiracy that starts with a bang and ends at 3 Minutes to Midnight.”

Here’s an article and video with more information

Here’s the Scarecrow Studios site with a ton more information and cool screenshots.

August Game Goals

My posted August game goals (the only ones that count here) were pretty loose.

Battle for Azeroth

Level and Explore

Definitely I’ve met this goal, I think all seven of my characters in Kul Tiras will be at 112 by the end of August, and moving forward.   It’s going well, I’m enjoying the expansion far more than I did Legion.

For Lord of the Rings Online, I wanted to work on my high and low level Hunters.  I ended up moving forward a couple of levels with my main Hunter, getting her un-stuck from her spot in Mirkwood.  That’s quite an accomplishment.

On any given day my personal notebook can have game goals a page long, and most days I accomplish perhaps half the list.

I’ve been dabbling in a few other games while working on Blaugust posts, so September should have more game goals, more games.

Try It Tuesday An Unknown Tale From My Steam Library: Broken Age

I’m glad I finally tried out this totally charming game.  It begins with the typical maidens about to be sacrificed to the Monster to save the village.

Everyone in Vella’s family is thrilled for her to be among the chosen for sacrifice, except for Grandpa.  He wants villagers to be the warriors they once were, and to defeat Mog Chothra.

The local maidens chosen to vie for the attention of Mog Chothra are absolutely not interested in Vella’s suggestions that they use objects at hand to defeat the monster.   Vella seems to be the only one who keeps thinking of ways to escape to the last.

They want to be chosen, even after they see others snatched and slurped into the monster’s huge mouth.

Vella, clever and brave to the last, figures out a way to escape.

From dutiful daughter to heroine riding through the sky…

She finds a new place to continue her adventures that isn’t the belly of a beast.

I love how casual Vella is about everything.   She’s a welcome heroine.   The cartoon style is simple but pretty.   Movement is point and click.   Reasonable puzzles for my non-logical brain.

Screenshot Saturday: This Week in Games

Everquest 2

This fight took place in The Caves.  I’m working the caves with my Fury.  I’m trying to find my way up one more level from where I am, and whammo!   Dead meat on a stick.  Where did he even come from?  Just pops up? Wanders the caves?  I was sooo paranoid when I went back in trying to complete the area.

I read that EQ2 was merging Antonia Bayle with the Stormhold progression server, and you should log in your characters to reserve their name.

While logging everyone in, I noticed I had enough points to create another character!  Yay!  Here’s my level 8 Ratonga Mystic.  So adorable.  She’s in the Frostfang Sea area near New Halas, an area I thought I didn’t like.  It seems better this time around.  I recall there was a nice fur rug to be gained here somewhere in this area.  I don’t have it yet, but did get a little table right off.  Maybe I can loot a bed.   All furnishings will end up in my Qeynos apartment.

World of Warcraft

Freehold, not such a bad hat.
Freehold, the odd Parrot droppings quest

Another reason to be glad the artifact weapons are gone!  The weapon is a coiled snake with a lantern hanging from it.  Nothing like that ever dropped in the Broken Isles.

Freehold: the Ring Of Booty  It’s great to be the one who catches the pig.

Middle Earth Wisdom’s Lord of the Rings Online 30 Day Challenge Part 2


Here’s my new Hobbit Warden.  I used Mydariel’s timely new Warden guide and the in game guidance, and I think I have it.  She seems pretty powerful, fights are short.

Best Music In the Game   

I don’t know the areas as I once did, and can’t pick a favorite music.  I do know I really keenly dislike the Rivendell theme.

Role-play or Monster Play 

Roleplay for 500!  My husband and I once tried Monster Play, but neither of us could recall anything about it except we named our characters after our dogs.  We had a short but hilarious time running around saying awoooo.   Apparently we chose this Monster form:

What’s your favorite Freep Class? 

 We really didn’t play, so this one is unanswered.

Show Off Your Best Cosmetic Outfit

I have done anything with this feature, yet.   I like this outfit though.