Darkmoon Faire: Home Again

While checking all my characters pockets to see if they had the current Timewalking dungeon quest to turn in, I tallied all the Darkmoon Faire quests everyone had accumulated. I decided to send them to the faire just for the experience points.

Imagine my delight when all of the craft quests there were once again giving out 5 crafting points for each quest. Fixed! I immediately started sending in everyone that had Darkmoon quests from dungeoneering, and all crafters.

It has always been such a favorite way to inch everyone along, even characters not currently not in play.

At this time of year, in World of Warcraft, I get in a habit doing the Darkmoon Faire each month, and also sending in as many as are eligible to the various Timewalking Dungeons as they occur. It’s just a nice way of making progress without feeling there’s a grind.

Dungeon Runs

One of my favorite dungeons is The Lost City of Tol’vir. With this my druid has enough currency to buy a mount with one of the next Timewalking sets. I can’t recall which one I’m waiting for, but I’m ready.

And a personal favorite: My DK in the Halls of Lightning.

World Of Warcraft Character Hopping

I’m sliding back into some regular World of Warcraft play. I’m bouncing around between characters. My lead on BWR, a Demon Hunter, is tooling along. I really should bring her in to Boralus and try some Island Expeditions. It sounds like they’ve improved them a bit. There’s only one way to find out.

Tonight I sent a level 106 Retribution Paladin from another server Timewalking. Those are such a crapshoot as to what dungeon you’ll get. Of course I got Vortex Pinnacle. Cursed thing. I was lucky, though, and there were problems for the whole group, and the tank wisely surveyed everyone to see what skills they had that they could be using to help get past gnarly packs. In the process, I learned a couple of things that will keep me alive next time around. That’s how you get Pugs to work, you see what people know, don’t know, everyone works together. The pure magic of talking to each other.

I also worked on a few characters on a server who’ve been waiting in the wings for a very long time. It’s nice to be in that spot where you’re figuring out who does what Profession, and what their Spec will be when they reach a glorious level 10.

I’m working on getting more shots of characters in combat. It’s so tricky. But you do get to look at the bizzaro expressions they now have to offer. Hmmf.

The important thing is, I’m enjoying the game again. It’s just good to take a little break now and then.