World of Warcraft: For The Horde?

I’m trying out the Horde Race/Class combinations I decided to play in Classic, in the current game.

It is so much a different game and game world, with characters I don’t know an important part of the local pantheons, with the exception of a few characters I’ve seen in dungeons, such as Lillian Voss.

So far, I like my Undead Warlock best. The motivation, if you will, of the Undead hating Humans and thus the Alliance seems well founded enough…humans see the Undead as abominations that must be wiped out. Survival is always a good reason to fight back.

There’s some interesting backstory of newly undead characters like Lillian Voss (who hopes to be rescued by her father), and sad Marshall Redpath who cannot accept their new lives and forms.

When quest givers say they’re sending you on to the next place, boy, I would have no idea where those places are without the help of the quest markers. The undead girl is just level 8, but it’s possible that’s the highest level Horde character I’ve ever had.

The next character I’m working on is a Troll Priest. Love her turquoise skin color and wild hair. With this character, there is slightly more history of the trolls and their relationship with Thrall and dislike of Garrosh Hellscream (who I thought was dead in current day, and I did look it up–yup killed by Thrall–maybe I even played through that fight, come to think of it?).

Vol’jin also seems to talk as if Cataclysm had happened recently. On the one hand, I’m getting to know some of the larger Horde characters, on the other hand, it’s making the game seem like more of a patchwork than ever.

That is one thing that Classic will have going for it, a continuity of the storylines.

In the Troll area, I had my first fights against Alliance characters. They weren’t just grunt farmers of the type my Undead girl fought, no, they’re in an outpost called Northwatch with that beloved blue Alliance flag flying. Argh. When I told my husband I was going to try some Horde characters, he was horrified. It’s like you suddenly played an Imperial! It’s like the Pope becoming an atheist!

It could stop me, my loyalty to the other side. I will say, all of the npcs in the fort had the same creepy identical face, and a uniform that reminded me of the Scarlet Crusaders, those crazy zealots I’ve fought with numerous Death Knights and in the Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery dungeons. Not a fan. Also, I tried to tell myself they were loaded with Linen Cloth that she needs as a Tailor, so clearly, they must die.

I haven’t done much beyond creation with my Tauren Druid. Her foes are Quillboars, which I mostly associate with Razorfen Downs. They’re invading Tauren lands and are creating those big viney constructs and ruining the land. I don’t feel guilty killing those little squealers at all.

The last time I created a Tauren I called her Moomama or something cow-like. Better name this time. I actually really like my cow form, and was thinking it’s a shame to be this imposing creature and spend all your time in cat form. I try Balance Druid now and then but am not quite a fan.

Last an Orc Shaman just level 2. She’s got those human Northwatch Scouts creeping all over her home land as well. The Scouts also have that creepy identical face. I’m going to have to pay attention to see if Alliance side uses identical faces for Horde npcs. I’ve just never noticed.

Last, I’ve been to both Undercity and Orgrimmar, briefly. Horrible to find your way around in both. I hope I can avoid them for the most part.

World of Warcraft Classic Impressions

I managed to get in game and created my characters as planned.

Night Elf Hunter

I watched all of the cinematics for each class and race, and found them to be good at scene-setting. They give a feel for the history and culture of your character. This is further enhanced by the beginning quests, which also make you feel part of a story. I had seen people talking about scrolling quest text, but didn’t know what they meant. It’s interesting! There is a scratching noise as if someone has taken a quill to paper and is writing the text as it appears line by line. This slows things down, and has you reading it as it appears. I actually liked it, and feel it makes you a character in a story.

The Hunter, whom I recall from the days of needing bows and arrows and gun ammo, was a little confusing for a moment. They have two melee skills that are first on the toolbar, and then just an a picture of an arrow, which when pressed launches your arrow at a mob. As happens, the mob immediately closes the distance between you and it, and the melee options kick in. Although I did regret when my Hunter melee weapons were taken away in the live game, it seemed disconcerting here, though briefly. When you draw your bow, there is a big creaking wood sound, as if you were really stretching that bow to shoot.

Gnome Mage

I spent a fair bit of time just admiring my little Gnome, with her cream colored pigtails and small blue eyes, which fit her small face perfectly, rather than seeing the current awful dinner plate sized eyes.

Gnomes and Dwarves share the same starting area, so it was very difficult to get any of the quest mobs.

When you create a character in Classic, you’re given a wealth of information about your race, class and your place in the world. It’s very immersive, and so old school RPG that I loved it.

The Coldridge Pass is OPEN! I didn’t take my character through, because level 1, oops. Still, I really loved making my way through that tunnel back in the day, it did seem like a rite of passage for my characters. I hated it when they closed it off.

Human Rogue

The Human and Undead beginning areas were the most crowded. I never found a single mob for my Rogue to try killing. Even so, again, my character’s human features were the ones I loved, not the current ruination. Did that opening cinematic say the land was ruled by “child King” Anduin Wyrnn? What?

Dwarf Paladin

Again, the character creation here returns dwarves who look like happy adventurers, not sad sacks. The Paladin has Auto Attack, Seal of Righteousness and Holy Light to begin adventuring. Yikes.

My plan was also to try some Horde characters. I watched all of the opening cinematics here too. They really made each of the races sound distinct and interesting. I liked these enough so that I killed off some characters on Live (it is so odd everyone’s calling it “retail”) and made four Horde characters of the same races and classes. The opening cinematics for Live talk about Garrosh Hellscream running the Horde? They don’t seem to have been updated since Wrath. That’s odd.

For Classic:

My overall impression of Classic, which I never experienced Live–coming in somewhere after Burning Crusade and before Wrath–is that the original game was very close to it’s RPG roots, and has an immersive story and world that I’m now sorry I missed. I will be ready August 26th to get on the classic servers and start an all new adventure.

Wow Stress Test Complete!

Two hours is a long time. I expected queues and disconnects and lag. However, I didn’t think I’d never get in to the game world at all during the test. Luckily it should be available sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Server Offline/Server Locked, mostly. A couple of times it was Low.

At Low, I could create a character, but never enter the world.

When I can get in, I’ve got a Battle Plan

Create and get a feel for:
1. Night Elf Hunter
2. Gnome Mage
3. Human Rogue
4. Dwarf Paladin

Kill them off and create:

1. Tauren Druid
2. Undead Warlock
3. Troll Priest
4. Orc Shaman


PC players have early access to Elsweyr, so naturally off I went. Perhaps since I did the prologue with my Khajiit, there’s no breadcrumb to tell how to get to Elsweyr. I’ll have to see with a character who hasn’t done the prologue.

It turns out you’ve a Wayshrine available in Elsweyr for Rimmen. Travel there, and you’ll find the quest A Rage of Dragons available from a quest giver.

While minding my own business looking at a map of the area, I noticed I was under attack by some npc, and all those nasty notifications were floating around. Even after I let the guy kill me I was “notorious” so I used an edict to make it go away. I must have accidentally hit some key that shot at him?

Instead of heading straight out, I explored Rimmen. There’s a small inn room/apartment called the Sugar Bowl Suite. It’s unfurnished only but costs a mere 3000 gold.

The load screen for the suite shows some lovely ornate furniture I hope will be purchasable or craftable. Love that rug.

I headed out of the city, crisscrossing the countryside as I do. I find it relaxing to explore that way, and I found several treasure chests tucked in here and there, always nice!

I’m working on quests in a small village that reminds me of Murkmire, with the wooden enclosure and lanterns.

I’ve wanted to see Elsweyr since over hearing two npcs mention it in Oblivion. Here we are!

Darkmoon Roller Coaster : I Could Ride All Day!

I almost forgot it was Darkmoon time again! Yikes. I sent in my Rogue, and while she was there, tried out the new roller coaster which gives you 10% reputation and xp gain for an hour.

I think it’s in an awkward location, right on top of everything else. I’d like to be able to see it from everywhere in the fair, it’s so tall.

Even so, it has that creaking climb to the first top spot then wheeee.

Elder Scrolls Online: Alik’r Magic

So. I was working on the Psijic Order quest to find time breaches on Iliac Bay. The Glenumbra and Stormhaven breaches were easy enough to locate, but how to get to Alik’r to get the rest? After a little research, I found you could take a boat from Wayrest. I had a Templar working on the Stormhaven area who also had that quest line, so I sent her by boat from Wayrest on over.

Wonders and magics! What a beautiful place, with treasures and resources as soon as you step off the boat. The story lines are very different from other areas. The furnishings and tapestries and rugs are sumptuous.

Dolmens are packed.

Next thing you know, I have three characters there and once I get the Gardner House in Wayrest on Sunday, I may send everyone!

I should be working on the Elsewyr pre-quests but, fortune and glory!

May Gaming Goals

Blah blah, more of the same. I’m trying to branch out a little bit from solely playing Galaxies (PreCU Emu) and Elder Scrolls online. I’ve a million things to do in those, but it’s nice to branch out now and then.

So Lord of the Rings Online, I think I set character goals there.

I’m going to play some Everquest 2 again.

I may wipe my Neverwinter two characters and start two new ones since it’s been so long since I played.

I’d like to play Rift a bit.

My Secret World icon keeps beckoning, and I think I might be able to have my steel-nerved spouse get me past the security cameras where I’ve been stuck forever. He just doesn’t take these things personally.

In World of Warcraft I’m enjoying my Rogue, so I’ll get her the rest of the way to 120. The last time I logged her in there was a new quest to fight some Horde NPCs in Tirgarde. I’m falling way behind in content, but I’ll catch up, I always do.

I’m super looking forward to the upcoming Classic Wow, particularly since you can have 50 characters on the servers. All I really want to do is try each class to see how it plays. I can’t decide if I should be reading up on Classic Wow or if I should just go in as if it were a new game.

Elder Scrolls has Elsweyr also upcoming, I now have the Chapter purchased, and have one character who has gone all the way through the Pre-quest. I plan to get everyone through the Pre-Quest before it comes out.

I will be purchasing the Gardner House in Wayrest this month. I could have gotten it unfurnished last month, but working on furnishing the Mathiisen House has taught me to not spurn those basic furniture sets. Lighting! I need three fireplaces yet in Mathiissen to have a light source. Braziers work great, but I can’t make them or even buy them from Guild Traders. Buy the house furnished is my new motto.

The character currently up is my Warden. Almost level 30. I left Vvardenfel with a few quests undone, ones where I had to steal or sneak. Not in the mood for foul behavior. No Necromancer for me.


Client updated. Character checks:

Hunter still stuck in Mirkeaves somehow and I could swear I finished it. I thought I was on my way to “greater Mirkwood”.

Loremaster Still slogging the area outside Moria, wishing I could get in. Sniff.

Burglar In the Lonelands. I could have started the sentence with still, but it is an area I don’t mind. I have been searching for Luz every time I’ve played her for quite a while, and tonight, while following the erstwhile Pengail around, I got the dang guy. Alas, Pengail died, and honestly, where he went who knows. He wasn’t back at the goblin camp. Poof.

Pengail is almost on par with Lalia for annoying escort NPCs. He runs up to every single mob in the game, I swear.

In any case, the Burglar gets more play time.

My Champion is being that perfect character (I try to have one) who finishes every quest, so she’s backtracking to do all the Books. Tom Bombadil, oops, is her next quest.

The second Loremaster I created just to see if I liked the Landroval server is only level 18, but I like her.

From there I drop down to two elven Runekeepers, a Hobbit Guardian, a woman Warden and a Hobbit Minstrel.

I’m clearly needing to start from the lowest levels for characters and crafting, sorting out who does what as if the higher levels aren’t there, so I can basically re-learn the game.