May Gaming Goals

Blah blah, more of the same. I’m trying to branch out a little bit from solely playing Galaxies (PreCU Emu) and Elder Scrolls online. I’ve a million things to do in those, but it’s nice to branch out now and then.

So Lord of the Rings Online, I think I set character goals there.

I’m going to play some Everquest 2 again.

I may wipe my Neverwinter two characters and start two new ones since it’s been so long since I played.

I’d like to play Rift a bit.

My Secret World icon keeps beckoning, and I think I might be able to have my steel-nerved spouse get me past the security cameras where I’ve been stuck forever. He just doesn’t take these things personally.

In World of Warcraft I’m enjoying my Rogue, so I’ll get her the rest of the way to 120. The last time I logged her in there was a new quest to fight some Horde NPCs in Tirgarde. I’m falling way behind in content, but I’ll catch up, I always do.

I’m super looking forward to the upcoming Classic Wow, particularly since you can have 50 characters on the servers. All I really want to do is try each class to see how it plays. I can’t decide if I should be reading up on Classic Wow or if I should just go in as if it were a new game.

Elder Scrolls has Elsweyr also upcoming, I now have the Chapter purchased, and have one character who has gone all the way through the Pre-quest. I plan to get everyone through the Pre-Quest before it comes out.

I will be purchasing the Gardner House in Wayrest this month. I could have gotten it unfurnished last month, but working on furnishing the Mathiisen House has taught me to not spurn those basic furniture sets. Lighting! I need three fireplaces yet in Mathiissen to have a light source. Braziers work great, but I can’t make them or even buy them from Guild Traders. Buy the house furnished is my new motto.

The character currently up is my Warden. Almost level 30. I left Vvardenfel with a few quests undone, ones where I had to steal or sneak. Not in the mood for foul behavior. No Necromancer for me.


Client updated. Character checks:

Hunter still stuck in Mirkeaves somehow and I could swear I finished it. I thought I was on my way to “greater Mirkwood”.

Loremaster Still slogging the area outside Moria, wishing I could get in. Sniff.

Burglar In the Lonelands. I could have started the sentence with still, but it is an area I don’t mind. I have been searching for Luz every time I’ve played her for quite a while, and tonight, while following the erstwhile Pengail around, I got the dang guy. Alas, Pengail died, and honestly, where he went who knows. He wasn’t back at the goblin camp. Poof.

Pengail is almost on par with Lalia for annoying escort NPCs. He runs up to every single mob in the game, I swear.

In any case, the Burglar gets more play time.

My Champion is being that perfect character (I try to have one) who finishes every quest, so she’s backtracking to do all the Books. Tom Bombadil, oops, is her next quest.

The second Loremaster I created just to see if I liked the Landroval server is only level 18, but I like her.

From there I drop down to two elven Runekeepers, a Hobbit Guardian, a woman Warden and a Hobbit Minstrel.

I’m clearly needing to start from the lowest levels for characters and crafting, sorting out who does what as if the higher levels aren’t there, so I can basically re-learn the game.