Client updated. Character checks:

Hunter still stuck in Mirkeaves somehow and I could swear I finished it. I thought I was on my way to “greater Mirkwood”.

Loremaster Still slogging the area outside Moria, wishing I could get in. Sniff.

Burglar In the Lonelands. I could have started the sentence with still, but it is an area I don’t mind. I have been searching for Luz every time I’ve played her for quite a while, and tonight, while following the erstwhile Pengail around, I got the dang guy. Alas, Pengail died, and honestly, where he went who knows. He wasn’t back at the goblin camp. Poof.

Pengail is almost on par with Lalia for annoying escort NPCs. He runs up to every single mob in the game, I swear.

In any case, the Burglar gets more play time.

My Champion is being that perfect character (I try to have one) who finishes every quest, so she’s backtracking to do all the Books. Tom Bombadil, oops, is her next quest.

The second Loremaster I created just to see if I liked the Landroval server is only level 18, but I like her.

From there I drop down to two elven Runekeepers, a Hobbit Guardian, a woman Warden and a Hobbit Minstrel.

I’m clearly needing to start from the lowest levels for characters and crafting, sorting out who does what as if the higher levels aren’t there, so I can basically re-learn the game.

What do you think?

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