Elder Scrolls Online: Alik’r Magic

So. I was working on the Psijic Order quest to find time breaches on Iliac Bay. The Glenumbra and Stormhaven breaches were easy enough to locate, but how to get to Alik’r to get the rest? After a little research, I found you could take a boat from Wayrest. I had a Templar working on the Stormhaven area who also had that quest line, so I sent her by boat from Wayrest on over.

Wonders and magics! What a beautiful place, with treasures and resources as soon as you step off the boat. The story lines are very different from other areas. The furnishings and tapestries and rugs are sumptuous.

Dolmens are packed.

Next thing you know, I have three characters there and once I get the Gardner House in Wayrest on Sunday, I may send everyone!

I should be working on the Elsewyr pre-quests but, fortune and glory!

What do you think?

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