World of Warcraft: For The Horde?

I’m trying out the Horde Race/Class combinations I decided to play in Classic, in the current game.

It is so much a different game and game world, with characters I don’t know an important part of the local pantheons, with the exception of a few characters I’ve seen in dungeons, such as Lillian Voss.

So far, I like my Undead Warlock best. The motivation, if you will, of the Undead hating Humans and thus the Alliance seems well founded enough…humans see the Undead as abominations that must be wiped out. Survival is always a good reason to fight back.

There’s some interesting backstory of newly undead characters like Lillian Voss (who hopes to be rescued by her father), and sad Marshall Redpath who cannot accept their new lives and forms.

When quest givers say they’re sending you on to the next place, boy, I would have no idea where those places are without the help of the quest markers. The undead girl is just level 8, but it’s possible that’s the highest level Horde character I’ve ever had.

The next character I’m working on is a Troll Priest. Love her turquoise skin color and wild hair. With this character, there is slightly more history of the trolls and their relationship with Thrall and dislike of Garrosh Hellscream (who I thought was dead in current day, and I did look it up–yup killed by Thrall–maybe I even played through that fight, come to think of it?).

Vol’jin also seems to talk as if Cataclysm had happened recently. On the one hand, I’m getting to know some of the larger Horde characters, on the other hand, it’s making the game seem like more of a patchwork than ever.

That is one thing that Classic will have going for it, a continuity of the storylines.

In the Troll area, I had my first fights against Alliance characters. They weren’t just grunt farmers of the type my Undead girl fought, no, they’re in an outpost called Northwatch with that beloved blue Alliance flag flying. Argh. When I told my husband I was going to try some Horde characters, he was horrified. It’s like you suddenly played an Imperial! It’s like the Pope becoming an atheist!

It could stop me, my loyalty to the other side. I will say, all of the npcs in the fort had the same creepy identical face, and a uniform that reminded me of the Scarlet Crusaders, those crazy zealots I’ve fought with numerous Death Knights and in the Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery dungeons. Not a fan. Also, I tried to tell myself they were loaded with Linen Cloth that she needs as a Tailor, so clearly, they must die.

I haven’t done much beyond creation with my Tauren Druid. Her foes are Quillboars, which I mostly associate with Razorfen Downs. They’re invading Tauren lands and are creating those big viney constructs and ruining the land. I don’t feel guilty killing those little squealers at all.

The last time I created a Tauren I called her Moomama or something cow-like. Better name this time. I actually really like my cow form, and was thinking it’s a shame to be this imposing creature and spend all your time in cat form. I try Balance Druid now and then but am not quite a fan.

Last an Orc Shaman just level 2. She’s got those human Northwatch Scouts creeping all over her home land as well. The Scouts also have that creepy identical face. I’m going to have to pay attention to see if Alliance side uses identical faces for Horde npcs. I’ve just never noticed.

Last, I’ve been to both Undercity and Orgrimmar, briefly. Horrible to find your way around in both. I hope I can avoid them for the most part.