June Gaming Goals

I advanced my ESO and World of Warcraft characters in May, which was my main goal. My Wow Paladin just has one more level to be 120 then it’s only the Demon Hunter of the original “110s” to go. My general plan is to have all the Blackwater characters to max level, and keep them there going forward. All my other server’s characters lead the easy relaxo leveling life.

World of Warcraft

Level Paladin and Demon Hunter to 120, start moving the rest of the BWR characters up.

See if I can continue with my Horde characters with no guilt. Poor babies, none of it’s their fault. I have noticed other bloggers and commenters saying Classic may be the time to go Horde just to experience the game in a more immersively different way.

Classic Thots

People think:

1. Enthusiasm for the old game will be short lived.

2. Classic will empty live servers.

3. Players will whine for modern updates and conveniences to Classic, thus ruining it for lovers of the classic game.

What I think

1.Same game, different game.

2.Many will play both versions, some will settle on one or the other.

3. Over time, instead of players wanting changes to Classic that mimic Live, they’ll ask for Live to reflect some of the unique and fun aspects of Classic, while still moving forward as a modern game.

4. Lots of re-thinking from devs and players will occur.

5. Everyone wins.

Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve played my Khajiit in Elsweyr exclusively lately. All my characters in the Alik’r Desert are cooling their heels. I haven’t played through the main quest sequence because of the method I’ve adopted for exploring new areas. I kind of fan out from the main city, exploring the countryside for quests, delves, resources, Wayshrines.

Resources: Elsweyr reminds me of Vvardenfell as an area with hardly any nice resource nodes to be had. It’s just kind of barren that way. Not happy about that. Maybe they could add more in. It’s all part of the ongoing treasure hunt that makes the game appealing.

Delves are also sort of bone dry for finding recipes, patterns, treasure chests. Bleh. So far a couple of the delves had world boss level npcs as their Delve Boss. I can almost always take the Delve boss, or wait a minute or so for someone else to show up to help with it. It was not the case that anyone else showed up for these. I suppose Elsweyr is meant to be upper level content, but they could save those for Dungeons and Trials, I think.

Dragons are the new dolmens. Only they move around quite a bit instead of just respawning on a timer.

Sadness and death themes throughout. Lots of loss and regret.

No desire to try necromancy though there are a few “good necromancer” npcs who argue the case for it not being totally evil. Interestingly, the quest text often tries to get you to state if you approve of, or condemn necromancy. I always take the third, non-committal option. Maybe under the right conditions I’d want to bring back my cat Pet Sematary style.

5 thoughts on “June Gaming Goals

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  2. No desire to try necromancy though there are a few “good necromancer” npcs who argue the case for it not being totally evil.

    Yeah, go and try and sell that one to Meridia. Or Azura.

    • And…tonight that extra character slot was burning a hole in my character pockets. I created a Khajiit Necromancer! Agh!, but changed it to Templar instead before exiting character creation. A bad moment, there!

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