World of Warcraft Classic : Places to Read and Hear More About It

You’re SO EXCITED about the Upcoming Classic Warcraft. You want to really immerse yourself. Here you go:

The Official World of Warcraft forums are a good place to start. They are a bit overloaded with cries of anguish from those who aren’t in Beta, and there’s a weird anti-streamer constant contingent. Actual beta feedback does appear, and you can see any Blue Post comments easily.

The Wow Classic Reddit page has a bit of the above, but much more actual discussion of the game and how Classic plays. There’s advice on class choice, profession information. It’s all here.

Blizzard Watch I still miss Wow Insider. Once I started playing regularly, I read it every day. Now, you just have to filter through looking for your Classic Wow fix. Matthew Rossi reliably writes great stuff.

MMO Champion has a Wow Classic Discussion forum

Wowhead has a huge Classic Wow page. Class guides, talent calculator, maps, if you’re looking for it, they’ve got it. Lots of really interesting feature articles, too.

Icy Veins is starting a new series spotlighting Classic Wow.

Vanilla Friends allows you to search for old guildies and Vanilla era friends. You can search by Realm, character name or guild.

There’s a podcast I’ve been listening to called Countdown to Classic with Josh Corbett. He’s in the beta, and gives his impressions, plus has other players as guests to get different viewpoints.

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Classic : Places to Read and Hear More About It

  1. Ohh, that Vanilla Friends site is super neat! I signed up; wonder if anyone’ll find me… didn’t see any of my own old friends on there, but I did spot a couple of familiar names that I remember seeing around on the server back in the day.

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