WowNotes 6/27/19

Don’t you love that notepad. I determined I could scan a sheet and write over it. So cute.

Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara

I’ve just had the chance to do the opening sequences with my druid. I was taken aback by how many places you had to hop around between just to begin. Boralus, Nazjatar, Silithus, High Mountain…yikes.

Azshara herself in the cinematic reminds me so much of Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, in her looks and how she speaks. Another eerie BFA/Disney moment.

Nazjatar is a pretty fantastical place, so far one of the best imagined new areas I’ve seen in World of Warcraft for a long time. I keep gaping at the scenery, endangering my character.

I’m eager to get to Mechagon, which also looks really cool.

There we go, suddenly the Live game is super exciting and fun.

I love the Crossroads cinematic, and have watched it several times. I’ve become a big fan of Jaina this expansion. That moment where she says “we all have blood on our hands” (SNIFF!). I have hoped all along that the story arc for Battle for Azeroth would complete with the faction war coming to and end. Let us talk to each other! Be buds! For Azeroth!

Character Leveling

My Mage is the current character being leveled. I enjoyed sending her in a couple Timewalking Dungeons last week. Mana Tombs and Sethekk Halls. It seems funny people still die and wipe in these dungeons everyone knows so well. I expect in Classic there will be even more grisly deaths as people adjust to their own skills and the requirements of the new/old world.

New Guilds for My Lowbies

I mostly work on Blackwater Raiders, but have low level characters on other servers. Since my own guild peeps haven’t been playing, I’m working on alts, two of whom have found good guilds. How nice is that? Those characters will get more playtime.

Master Character List

I’m all excited of course to make even more new characters in Classic. I’ve picked out three names I want to reserve. I wish they’d post that server list so I can be ready to strike! Hehe.
I’ve a character name folder, but I’d like to combine all my little pages and scraps of paper into one big list, in Excel so I can see where I’ve used them already. I can tell I’m in mode because a good name came to me while I was driving down the road yesterday, but I didn’t try to jot it down behind the wheel, and it was gone amongst other thoughts by the time I got home.