World Of Warcraft Dungeon Dayz

I’ve had a good week of dungeon running in World of Warcraft. My newbie Warlock got invited to a group with a couple of guildies. I don’t know anyone, right? But if you’re running a dungeon, take meeeee with!

Oddly, I thought, they were going to do Wailing Caverns, but wanted to meet at the meeting stone for it. I’m thinking What? Where even is the meeting stone for it? Kalimdor, Northern Barrens! Can you imagine how long it would take my little bozo to get over there? They changed to Scarlet Halls and Monastery which one could fly to with the other in tow, then summon me over. (They went with three because that’s what was available and they were trying for Dungeon Guild Achievements). Somehow, everyone ended up in different phases. So when I got summoned, I could see their character dots but not them. There I am in an area where everything’s four levels up on me. Lolmeister. Somehow with tinkering we ended up all together.

Those two dungeons, the Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery, are not favorites of mine. Somebody, usually everybody, dies at some point. I dread them. Imagine then, going through with a level 50 and a level 120. Har, har Scarlet Scum! The POS bosses could barely get a threatening word out before they died. Power to the Peeps! Die, die die! It was pretty great to see them get flattened. I might have enjoyed it too much.

We also did the Stockades, which is a quick one even in a normal run, the only trouble in that dungeon there ever is, is with with Hogger. He had no chance to say Oink.

My adorable new Death Knight is going to join the guild there once she has money for flight so, if need be, she can fly location to location. It occurred to me that Classic will be that very thing, you’ll need to know where the entrances actually are in the world and get there overland. It will be such fun.

My DK has done Hellfire Ramparts and the Blood Furnace. Her first dungeon ever (Hellfire Ramparts) and the Tank happens to be a Gnome DK. I tried to get a screenshot of us together. Not easy on the move.

In the Blood Furnace Ha, bad dog, I’m writing this post in my head and thinking I like this dungeon, and it is one of the ones I can (and have) tanked comfortably. So maybe I wasn’t Ms. Output because the tank, some big beast of a guy with a huge shield bragged:

You go, big guy!

Despite not paying enough attention at all times, the DK did not meet her maker, really.