Throwback Thursday: Racing Games

For someone who could never keep their car on the road in my son’s racing games, I actually loved all the amazing, futuristic, bizarre and realistic tracks in the games. It was fun just to see them get unlocked. Here are some favorites from our deep archives.

MegaRace stands out for me because of the many cutscenes featuring the host “Lance Boyle”. Set in the future, players not only race but try to take out the competition. It seemed exciting at the time, except for Lance.

It must have been popular, because there was a MegaRace 2. For kids to Adults! Noted: “Comic Mischief”

Another favorite of my own, which I actually played, was Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament. You got to race adorable Micro Machines across table tops and other dangerous environments. The game was a little buggy and some races ended abruptly, but the thrill of the tiny machines made for reloads galore.

Right up my alley also was Destruction Derby Two. Now I was in my element. It didn’t matter if I ran into everything, that was the point!

Big Red Racing stands out for the variety of vehicles, which include a snowplow and a dump truck!

There were of course more “serious” race games that gave you the feeling of being on a real racetrack, such as Nascar Racing and everyone’s favorite Need for Speed.