Screenshot Saturday

This week it’s all dungeons, sartorial problems, and old acquaintances.

This is the only armor I recall Atherne getting that I liked. It’s usually mangy looking. Somehow this green barnacled piece looks pretty.

I’ll have to take her Stormwind.

The nutlike quest items were everywhere.

Ath in Mechagon. Crushed by the first boss type guy. Backed out and back to Nazjatar. Should be ready to go back tomorrow.

Sometimes you can have your horse inside a building.

Fishy! And maddening.

ESO On The Road to Elsweyr

Thought I might just wait a couple of minutes to get help, but alas, there was none.

The Prettiest Cat

A bad, but charming cat.

Oddly Dragons aren’t as fun to me as some of the other events where everyone runs to get a hit in so you get the joint reward.

What a surprise for this guy to show up. He’s slimy but charming, and follows through on his word.