Beneath the Tides of Nazjatar

Ever since the 8.2 patch, all I want to do is wander Nazjatar. I have the Exploration of it except one spot, the Shirakess Repository. I’ll find it!

Usually, a place with lots of underground spaces wouldn’t appeal to me, but in Nazjatar, it just adds to the mystery of the place. It’s exotic and a wonder. That strange Rim of the World skyline is just entrancing.

I’m not getting pounded as I was at first, so that makes me happy.

There are plenty of quests, always a good thing.

I am not so pleased with my “ally”, who I not only have to drag all around with me, but I have to do three specific quests a day in order to finally at some point get him to Rank three for yet another quest.

Companions and allies are just awful variations of escort quests, for me. They get in your way, they get you killed. You can never get out of combat because they keep fighting everything. So annoying! I cannot wait to drop this guy off. If they think I’m taking another one out after this, they’re bonkers.

Puzzle Me This

I happen to like Puzzles. I also really like World Quests (except the jumping on bubbles in the air puzzles).

So how cute to get The Shell Game.

The Runestone Game I liked once I figured out how it worked. All I could get the stones to do at first was swap places, and nothing happened. I looked up the quest to see if someone could explain how it worked, but there was much hate for this quest, and lots of comparisons to Candy Crush which I’ve never played.

I finally figured out all you do is swap two runes so you momentarily get three of the same color in a row and a bunch of runes drop down, destroying some of the runes you’re trying to destroy. Once I had that going, it was easy to finish. A fun quest in the depths of the world.

6 thoughts on “Beneath the Tides of Nazjatar

  1. I’ve found the easiest way to do the jellyfish jumping puzzle is to just turn your character to face the one you want to land on next. It took me a bit to get used to waiting to land on a jellyfish, jump, and then turn to face the next jellyfish I want to land on. I kept turning too soon and would miss my target and fall to the ground.

    I agree that the followers are quite annoying and always in the way. I am constantly feigning death on my hunter to get out of unwanted combat. On my paladin I do everything in tank spec so that I can easily handle all the extra mobs the Ankoan wants to pull. At least now with flying unlocked I don’t have to worry about pulling quite so many random mobs going from place to place.

    I’m glad I unlocked the mini-game puzzles. It’s nice to have several non-combat world quests to do there every day. I’m really tired of the ‘kill x number of mobs’ quests.

    • So you are able to stop on each bubble, and turn? Maybe I panic and just try to make the next jump too soon? The naga below me don’t help anything.
      I have Shadow Meld with my druid but she gets popped right out of that.

      • You can’t stop on the bubble. What I do is as soon as I bounce off of a bubble I turn to face the next one I want to get to.I just keep my aim at that one until I land on it and (automatically) start the next jump. Sometimes you think you’ll miss, but as long as I keep aiming at the next jellyfish I don’t fall.

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