Elder Scrolls Cookery

How often have you been in a delve, and checking that barrel between fights you find Saltrice?   Though it can’t be found in the real world, you can find a recipe for Saltrice that you can make for yourself in the Official Elder Scrolls Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel.


Saltrice Porridge looks and sounds really good, doesn’t it?   I love the art of the page and the bit of culinary history for each recipe.


I think I will add this to my list of books to acquire.

In game, there are a huge number of recipes, many of them using unusual ingredients, and things like game that I would never eat.  Yet, the rabbit recipes always sound so good, and I never bypass a little encampment and possible poultry, fish or game hanging about.


Food and drink really are helpful, and anytime I’m facing a boss or something that might be a challenge I dig through my pack for goodies.


All of my characters have cooking, but my main crafter gets first dibs on any new recipes.



Randomly I took this picture of a giant khajiit with my girl’s pattern and coloring.  Hubba.