GameNotes Friday July 19, 2019

It’s a quiet week for game news, that I would note.  When I used to do a weekly Game Roundup (with the cute little lasso that annoyed a commenter), I had a list of game sites I looked at to see what was new.  I’ll have to develop a new list.

Via RPG Watch, a game update for System Shock.   I don’t see a recent update on their page, but a video of the medical area of the Station in “pre-alpha” state looks pretty spectacular.  The graphics are sharp, the character gets a big bad ass type wrench, there are door puzzles, odd walking trash can mobs (what they look like).  I’d love to play!

We’ve only played System Shock 2, the original was never available when we were playing these type of games.–july-update-42679.html


Though I don’t have a Switch, I love the look of the new Luigi’s Mansion 3.  My son and I had a great time with the original.  This looks much in the same spirit.



How I came across it, I can’t say, but I love this video on making Fantasy maps and this is the best place to share it, I think.




The last (?) stress test for Classic Wow has been delayed.  I’d think it’s close enough to launch they could just leave it go.   Everyone wants to just get in there and play for real, or spend their time more profitably among the junk heaps of Mechagon, right?