ESO: The Green Hills Of Glenumbra

Three of my characters are in Elsweyr, the rest…elsewhere.  A Breton Templar has just finished the Psijic map of Summerset, and is now home ready to do the Psijic map of Iliac Bay, which begins in Glenumbra.

She has completed much of the map of Glenumbra as it’s her “home area”.  As pretty as Summerset is, I’m glad to be back in Glenumbra.  Of all the areas after the starter areas, it is my favorite.

There’s a lush green to the forests.  The werewolves and many ghosts haunted by their lives roam the landscape and the many graveyards.

There are spriggins to lend a fairy tale aspect.   In fact, the whole area is a bit like the Brother’s Grimm.