Apparently the Auction House isn’t open for business today!  Pretty floor!


Give me an F for Futility Rewarded, I got the Ley Line Puzzle!


I always make my Drenai Shamans, and I don’t particularly enjoy Shamans.  There are parts of Bloodmyst Isle where I’m always getting crunched.  Enter my first Drenai Warrior who is handling everything.  Why I haven’t sent a tougher type character over there before to smack those spiders and all else?  Whap whap.  She’s got this.

I went on a little binge and killed off a few more long standingly low level characters.  Tsk so hard when you use up 50 slots.


Kum’isha the Collector Collects no more!  I haven’t been to the Blasted Lands for a long while.  Why do they do these unnecessary things?

Edit:  We can all calm down, it turns out instead of being over in his spot waiting to give you treasure hunt quests, quest objects drop from  various mobs in the area, then you bring those to him.  it’s all ok.


I’m a gardener, I notice these things…why are Star Moss Flowers pink in Vol’dun?  Blue in Alliance territory?  Grrr.  Pink, Pink Pink, gimmee Pink.


My Mage is now in Vol’Dun (not disturbed by flower color as she’s a Tailor).   She really needs gear upgrades, so she hit up a few World Quests while there.  A little daunting to have all these Horde folk lined up waiting for a boss re-spawn, and there’s my little Alliance mage, la la la.  Awkward.

I sent my Paladin to Nazjatar with an ILevel of 311.  I thought she’d die immediately, but she had no trouble at all.  Did they run through with a Nazjatar for Weenies nerf?  Now she’s in business.   Maybe I’ll choose a different Ally for her.   The one I have–those shouts of his.  Bleh.