Opportunity city!  Icy Veins is expanding their coverage of World of Warcraft Classic and they’re hiring writers!

I momentarily envisioned my name in lights, but they want serious class design writing, and such.   Never fear, I will be writing about it here.   Picture heavy with captions such as “Horde be like…”   “Alliance be like…”  to help you get a feel for the contrast, as I play both sides against the middle.  I am so bad.  I could have all my Horde characters be healers.  har har har.  They’ll never suspect as they flop hither and yon in the throes of death…

Ahem (cough) I wouldn’t do that.




I’ve got a ton of blogs on my blogroll now and no nice snippets.  I started off trying to just click each looking for new posts.  I didn’t get far on the list, so I’ve become a Feedly person.   It is a quick way of catching up, though in most cases you don’t visit people’s blogs so they don’t know you visited.  Kind of sad.  I find I’m a bit obsessive about marking All As Read.  I even went through this morning and scrolled through the 500 or so of IGN’s post to mark it.  Next month I’ll comment more so people know I stopped by and liked what they wrote.


I came across this talk on Fashion in Games on Gamasutra.

I like much of what she says, and would like to see her ideas play out in games.  That said, it made me think of the many LOTRO blogs which compile outfits.  They’re so gorgeous.  And, they make me want to play the game to get that outfit, which is one of Kit’s points, I think.  It’s a way to draw people in.


While we’re on the topic, an article from Kotaku in which people who ‘know fashion’ rate some fashions from popular games.


Unrelated, and now old news, but

I’m unfamiliar with him, and I read all the speculations of doom attached to another founder leaving.  It may be he just wants to spend more time with his family.  That happens a lot!  What I find concerning is that the timing of these higher ups leaving in recent times has been not long before Blizzcon or the release of a new expansion.  It always makes you feel as if they know something that’s imminent that they’re dodging!   I wish him luck in any case.