GameNotes August 27, 2019

And we’re live!  I did some last minute torturing over what class and character to play, and decided to go Feral Druid as my lead instead of a Warlock lead character.   I had read all kinds of disparaging commentary on the Feral Druid.  I’m just used to the class, and the only thing I notice so far is that, as with every other character, I run out of mana after about three hits.  Whack, whack, auto-attack, and then there’s enough mana to finish off the mob.

The druid is at level 8 after this evening’s play.   11 silver in her pocket!  I was merciless in killing things, particularly humanoids, who often have armor, coppers in their pocket, or other sellables.   Always out of inventory space in my backpack, I just kept running back to sell my stuff.

I bought no weapon skills, because I’m just not sure what the best choice is for my character.   I’ll get that information, and train accordingly.   The first skill I did buy was Moonfire, which put me way ahead of the game tagging mobs fast and from some good distance.

I confess I beat a few Hunters to the prey, and I was pleased to beat them out.   Hunters are a favorite class, but, dang, that range and quickness can be annoying, if you feel like you could go to get a cool one from the fridge while your caster drags out a slow spell.

The general chat wasn’t all warm and fuzzy as the stress test chat was.  I kind of felt like I was among the people who post on the official forums all the time.   Maybe it’s just the Night Elf area.

I’ve liked the scrolling out of quest text in the Tests, but I found that two quest givers turned away and closed out the quest box to respond to another player over and over- Denalan and Zenn, in the Night Elf area.   Of course there was also the annoyance of waiting till Zenn turned from frog to whatever he is.  He always had a crowd around him.    I don’t recall anything like that in the Human area.

Ha! There was also a quest on a timer, where you had five minutes to get a cure to an NPC.  I haven’t seen anything like that in ages.

I played my Warlock just to level 2.  It was still dodgy getting Kobold Vermin, later in the evening, but I managed pretty quickly.   For all the time my poor Druid suffered with inventory overload, and she never got a bag as a quest reward or drop, my Warlock got a 6 slot bag from the third Kobold she killed.   I’m sending it to my Druid.  Though I created the ten characters you can have on a server, I’m thinking I’ll concentrate on those two.  I didn’t get a chance to try out the Troll hunter I created, but I loved that we could create characters early today.  That helped so much, as a stress reliever, and to just go in and play.

All in all, pretty smooth except for a few early World Downs.   As fun to actually play and make progress in as I hoped.   For a game I’ve played for over ten years, there’s a lot to learn and know and explore.  It’s pretty great.