Classically Progressing

My Druid is level 10, my Warlock 9.  I’ve logged in all my characters to try them out.

Hunter seemed pretty great once I stopped jamming auto attack. It’s natural for me to have a rotation, even with only one skill, so having your only ranged skill be auto-attack…zzzz.  Plink…fingers off till it’s in melee range, then one slice usually does it.

I nicknamed my Mage 3 Shot Shirley.  Downing mobs in three shots with no mana loss, comparatively.  This was just a quickie skill tryout.  She may be wriggling by the roadside starved for mana before I know it.

Still have not played my horde characters.  Likely to concentrate on Alliance ones first, getting each to ten to get a feel for how they play.

There’s all the time in the world, no need to rush to 60 and then what?

I’m completing every quest in every area.  The additional quests fill in the story much better than the streamlined modern areas.

Oops on not paying attention to levels this evening.  I noticed too late Prowlers and Young Forest Bears were three levels over my head.   I’d killed a couple before realizing it, and somehow, once I noticed, they killed me like nothing.  Luckily a group saved me from many slow deaths.

On my Warlock, my kingdom for any instant cast spell that lets me tag things faster.  Competition remains fierce for everything.

My Imp has a glass jaw.  He’s down every two seconds.

Blah blah all the talk about Retail.  I finally figured it’s a private server mentality using that term, which Blizzard itself has bizarrely picked up and uses too.   You’re paying to play now, my friend, so everything is Retail.   I prefer to use the terms Classic and Current game, which is more descriptive, I think.

Even with the mob tagging issues, and the troll meisters in General chat, I’m loving the game and really enjoy seeing so many people running around everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Classically Progressing

    • I love how everyone who goes by tosses a buff on you! I was able to drive by heal someone who was about to lose a fight with my Druid. This base game is really well built for working together and helping others any way you can.
      It’s also just plain an immersive world. I’m really pleased at the opportunity to try out this version of the game.

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