GameNotes September 10, 2019

Small notes this week, not much play time, and none over the weekend-but I guess nobody else could play either.

My general thoughts;

To my surprise I don’t think I’ll go in a dungeon anytime soon.  My Warlock certainly has the level, but I haven’t any faith in her ability to fire off spells quickly and efficiently as you want to do in a dungeon.  It’s all soooo slow.  Mana is always an issue.  I’m sure it is for others as well, but I’m responsible for me, not them.  If I can’t do it well, then I’m not ready to do it.  We shall see.  Maybe another class will be more confidence inspiring.

It’s not going to be the large, bulky bear who I can’t even see around.

I kind of like my Paladin and Arms Warrior, but they’re not dungeon level yet.

Hunter is pretty good.

Fishing!  Boy do I hate the “Your Fish Got Away” message as much as the current game message “Your cast didn’t land in fishable water” despite a school of fish being right there.  At least I found a great fishing spot just outside Darnassus.  I need to find a spot like that in Westfall or Stormwind.


The King is a Weasel

2 thoughts on “GameNotes September 10, 2019

  1. I’m not doing a dungeon soon, I don’t want to. My odd thing is that, as a hunter, I have this fear of losing my pet and so I stock up on food and spend way too much time farming meat and fish when I know that I really don’t need this much!

    • I love dungeons! In my early days of doing them, I felt that if I could successfully run with others and do well, I was kind of proving myself. It is, I think, also a good way to learn your class. I love having utility in a group. If I’m not confident with my character, as I’m currently not, then it’s best to just sail through the world in the casual and constant groups that are available. My Hunter hasn’t a pet yet, but reading about other’s experiences, my Hunter is upping her fishing and cooking skills considerably.

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