GameNotes September 24, 2019

World of Warcraft Classic

I’m still enjoying the Classic game.  I find it immersive and always interesting.  Though I am using Wowhead’s guides to the Classes, I find myself playing them very much as I do on the BFA servers.   In fact, I’ve gotten over the newness of it all enough so that I’m just playing as I do, working on crafts, trying to push ahead on the characters that are most appealing.  Not quite power leveling, but trying to figure out how I can fill that xp bar just a bit faster.

I love the grouping built in, and I’ve been starting groups myself for some boss types or kill 20 of these type quests.  It isn’t easy for me, but it certainly is smoother.  Also, I am not playing this version of the game not to play with others, I can solo anytime, anywhere, but right now, I don’t care to.   I’ve changed my mind on dungeons, and am working my way to level my Paladin and Warrior to send them on in.  They can do it!

Where everyone’s at

Warlock  Level 21

Paladin  Level 13

Warrior   Level 13

Druid  Level 13

Hunter   Level 5

Mage  Level 3

Rogue  Level 3

Priest   Level 6


Gnome who I beat to a node gives me a ton of conjured foods.

Kind soul helps me get Hogger when noone is nearby to group with.

Higher level Priest guildie follows me around for a bit so I can kill the dread 20 harvesters.  Stack em up!

Class Quests

Level 5 Priest cures a Mountaineer with a specific rank of Lesser Heals, then uses Fortitude on him.

Warrior kills Dead-tooth Jack, gets a key, finds she has to go back and kill him again to access a container at his feet for the actual quest item.  This is why people were talking about keys in General Chat!

Warlock level 20 Quest, she has to go to the Barrens!!! I’ll have to research how to even get there.  The way I know would be to go through Stranglethorn to Booty Bay and sail to Ratchet, making my way from there.  Apparently I could take a boat to Theramore from Menethil also?

My Warlock is my main, still.  At Level 21 she is bouncing between Westfall, Redridge and Loch Modan.

I did finish the Loch Modan and Algaz areas, and made the Wetlands run in cool comfort, right at level with everything there so there were no one shots from Crocs this time around.  Nothing approached me.  I kept an eye out for low levels making the desperate run so I could help them if they needed it, as others helped my lowbie Hunter on her run.

Stormwind, My Stormwind!

I find myself looking at all of the little details as I walk through the city.  The bricks, the fiery wall sconces at night, the moon over the Dwarven District.

I love this Stormwind.  There are however a couple of places where I go to make a turn and there is no turn there.  I haven’t explored the whole city, but it is on my list.


Battle For Azeroth, aka The Current Game

As immersed as I am in old Azeroth, the upcoming patch reminds me I have quite a bit of work to do on Reputations.  I spent some time on those.   I love the game overall, and have no understanding of the competition that players have between the two versions.   It makes me happy every time I log into Boralus and hear the music.   There is a ton to do at max level, far beyond just raids, and I’m thankful for that.   My thinking for a long time has been, not that the game “caters” to hardcore or casuals, but that it does a rather amazing job of providing something for players of all levels, interests, and play styles.   That is why it is still here and thriving at the 15 year mark.

3 thoughts on “GameNotes September 24, 2019

  1. Betcha a mage could port you to theramore? At least in the current game they can, I think.
    I got to the barrens from stonetalon mountains but there is also a road from ashenvale, then to ratchet, then boat to booty bay (for expert fishing!).
    I watch those warlocks while I am on my hunter, they are powerful characters!
    Fun stuff.

    • What a good idea, asking a Mage to port me to Theramore. Since I’ve done so little with mine in this game version, I’m not attuned, shall we say, to a Mages useful skills. No wonder they’re so popular.
      I need to make the move to do the quest. I picture a mirror of the Wetlands run trying to get there, one shot dead, on repeat.
      My Paladin and Warrior feel like my most powerful characters right now!

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