GameNotes October 15, 2019

My Classic server is still “layered” so there are indeed plenty of people still playing in Classic.  I like having people around, and people to group with, and people to help when they need it.  It’s kind of ideal.

Characters in Play this last week were my Paladin, now level 18 and my Druid, now level 21.  Most of the Paladin’s time was in Loch Moden.  It certainly is an easy place to get groups.   I noticed in several encounters that people are seeming a bit desperate for nice loot drops, and there was a Wand I personally Greeded on since it wasn’t for my Paladin.  I have zero luck on rolls so I didn’t get it, but I was a little horrified to see I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The person I was working with pretty much won all the rolls, but I only cared about that one.  Not good.   Rule 1,2,3: Don’t Obsess.

The Druid worked in Darkshore, but I sent her to finish off a couple of Westfall quests.  I never picked up any of the Redridge quests, because as I always suspected, I really dislike Redridge and can’t bear to do the area if I don’t have to.  The Darkshore area gives you potential quests to Menethil, Astranaar, and the Stonetalon Mountains (which seem very far away).

I like to do all the quests in an area before moving on (it was an odd circumstance that sent me to Westfall in the first place, I just thought herb drops were better there than in Darkshore but I was wrong.)

After recent experiences with other Classes, I feared some beastly quest line to get the Feral Cat form.  Luckily, all it took was all the money I had to buy the skills from the Trainer.  Prowl!  It is so nice to be in Cat Form.  I was fond of Bear, somewhat, but I’ve played hundreds of hours in Cat Form and it is just more comfortable.  And the cat is pretty, blues and dark purples for her fur colors.

It is awkward to have to keep shape shifting to talk to NPCs or use any item–foods, drink, interactive quest items.   The only things you can do in shape shifted form are fight and pick Herbs.  It can get dodgy mid-fight trying to take a potion.


In BFA my 120 Druid struggles on, working in Drustvar for rep, getting the Emissary quests as they pop up.  Except for the Match Game, the Tortollan quests are so annoying.  Ok, Make Loh Go is cute.   I kind of hate Magni. Should have flying sometime next year.

I’ve still done zero Island Expeditions.  Hmm.  Maybe sometime.


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