GameNotes December 10, 2019

Perhaps you watch the show The Good Place.  If you do, you know the Good Place is really The Bad Place.   Guess what? Mechagon, that land of torment, has it’s own Bad Place called The Other Place.

Wow, you say, what a hellish landscape. Mechagon gone very very dark and full of fire.

I did like the Clockwork Giants.   Why do they remind me of the Iron Giant?

Clockwork Giant…


You needed to kill these and scan them after they were dead.  I got twitchy and killed three at a shot but got no scan from any.  Other Place, indeed.

Atherne has 9,473 of 12,000 towards revered status with the Rustbolts.  Then we fly.   There are two other places in Azeroth I vowed never to send a character through after I completed them: Thousand Needles and Vashj’ir.   Both are looking pretty appealing right about now.

In Classic nothing noteworthy, just leveling.  I spent two gold on Paladin skills and could have bought more.   Back to Duskwood to make money.  Everyone has their money making ways, but I just like hitting up humanoids who drop all sorts of fun things.

I have to make my move to do her level 20 Paladin quest because she’s going to hit level 30 otherwise then have that quest.  I’m also dawdling on my Warrior and Warlock level 20 quests.  My Warlock is level 29.  Oops.

Alan Wake

No new Alan this week. He’s still pondering how to handle three axe men at once.


I planned to send my Templar to try the dragon since she’s so tough, but I could not get the same quest line.  Instead, she went directly to Senchal and Sai had the horn and now he’s got a dragon on an island he wants to fight.  I’ll try the Templar first.


Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

I missed this was out there.  I have the Diamond Edition but an updated edition would be great.



Coming someday, a new Bioshock title.

This will give me time to play through Bioshock Infinite before a new one is released.  I’m so speedy.


Dragon Age 4

I’ve catching up to do in this franchise as well, but could be ready when DragonAge 4 arrives, also sometime in the future.  At least they’re talking about it and have released a trailer that reveals nothing.